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Choosing the Perfect Saree for Your Body Type


The gorgeous ladies look even more beautiful when they are dressed up in saree. After all, ethnic tradition fascinates even the foreigners. The age-old tradition of wearing a saree is never outdated no matter the world come up with numerous modern trends.

Fashion is what we take along but one thing that will always remain beautiful is a saree. A saree is a type of clothing which can very well replace the western attire as it is a versatile outfit.

Whether it is a wedding or a cocktail party or a formal gathering like your corporate meetings, saree meets all the expectations and grace you up every time you wear it. Though there is always a way to wear a saree especially when you are too conscious about your body type.

Let us now talk about all those elegant women out there who are already beautiful but still overthink about their build and feel awkward before wearing a saree. We have some breath-taking ideas which will make you go crazy about wearing a saree according to your body type.

 Saree according to your body type 

Are you conscious about your heavy waist or bust or having too skinny body type? Take a sigh of relief because we have some flawless ideas that will blow your mind and excite you to attend a wedding wearing your favorite outfit.

  • Apple-shaped body type – When we tend to listen to all those pathetic comments on body shaming, we often feel like getting anti-social. No matter what people say, having courage to attend a special occasion is what it is all about.

If you are too conscious of having a heavier bust and waist, go for a silk saree or a traditional Banarasi Silk saree which is nicely embroidered. A 6-meter-long silk fabric handcrafted by the craftsmen will wrap you in a way that will hide your heavy waist and bust and will emphasize on the embroidery making you look more confident and gorgeous.

Get yourself a designer blouse and to embrace elegance, wear a full-sleeves blouse with a deep back.

  • Pear-shaped body type – We fail to connect socially when we have a lack of confidence in us. It is not about picking up an appropriate outfit according to your body type but it is more about wearing an outfit which uplifts you.

Even if you have a petite upper torso and a heavy bottom, you must wear a traditional attire like that of a saree with a thin fabric such as georgette. Georgette sarees are the perfect pick for you because that will not only make you look great but will also embrace your curves. Curves are always beautiful but wearing a perfect Indian outfit will always make you look confident. Choose bright colors as it will work as putting cherry on the cake.

  •  Plus-size Body type – It is the time to shut all those mouths who say that women with plus-size won’t look good in sarees. Saree is the only outfit which women with all sizes carry well.

No matter if you are plus-size, we have got some fantastic ideas for you that will boost your confidence and will make you look gorgeous in contemporary yet traditional clothing.Wearing a simple saree with fabrics like silk or georgette enhanced with mesmerizing digital motifs will make you look sleek and tall. Overlook the heavy fabrics like banarasi silk or organza fabrics due to the heavy drape. Pair it with a blouse having full sleeves or 3/4th sleeves and to make a bold look, you can get your blouse design in a trendy way. Keep the neck slightly deep than the usual ones.

  • Saree for short-heighted women – You always look adorable ladies whether you are tall or short. Keep your outfit in a way which can make you look confident and not acceptable because no matter what you wear, society will say anything and everything.

If you are short-heighted and want to wear a saree, wear it in such a way that will make you look tall. Choose a lighter saree like that with a pure cotton with a subtle color with handweaving work which will grab the whole attention on the majestic embroidery work that has been emphasized on the saree and pair it up with a designer blouse having slight embroidery work.


  • Skinny body type – If you are too skinny and still want to wear a saree, it is never a bad idea. Pick up a heavy fabric to flaunt your figure as well to make it look elegant. Banarasi silk woven sarees, Kanjivaram silk sarees and organza saree with woven work are your instant pick ups. Pair it up with a blouse that is high-necked and sleeveless. Choose light colors because that will beautify your skinny figure.

A woman is beautiful inside and out but to embrace the beauty, the sarees with various styles and designs have been given. Choose according to your body type and look confident wearing it. It is all about the way you carry your outfit. Smile and you will shine even brighter. Visit Iraah.Store


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