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5 Ways to Style Your Summer Sarees


Is your saree wardrobe ready to beat the heat this summer? Well, if not, then you do not have to worry. The summer is already here, and the heat and humidity are something we have to deal with. Do not limit your fashion to a pure cotton saree collection online, but add new types of sarees this summer. 

I understand it is hard for saree lovers to constantly juggle and manage their sarees in this difficult weather. To get a glam-up and gorgeous look in a saree can be tricky in the summer. It is quite essential to choose the right combination of fabric or material, color and smart accessories that can elevate your style and look. Here are some helpful tips for you to get ready for summer sarees. Read on the latest trending sarees that are must-haves this summer season.

5 ways to style a saree this summer

  • Experiment with designer belts on sarees.
  • Each state in India drapes its sarees differently, and you should try a new way to drape your sarees. 
  • Experiment with trendy blouse designs.
  • Ditch the petticoat and replace it with pants.
  • Style your sarees with light statement accessories.

  • 5 Trendy saree collections for summers

    1. Marigold Organza Silk Saree


    Marigold Organza Silk Saree


    During summer, the tone or color of the saree matters the most. I have discovered the latest organza sarees in India that are just perfect for you. The Marigold organza silk saree have a captivating, lush marigold hue and is crafted with finesse. The Organza saree is perfect for summer as it is lightweight, and this one has a bright tone, which gives it a glamorous look.

    2. Dusty Brown Digital Print Satin Crepe Saree


    Dusty Brown Digital Print Satin Crepe Saree

    Sassy, diva presence only a few sarees can offer. The dusty brown digital printed satin crepe saree offers what you need. The warm brown tone is perfect for summer. The digital print designs offer a rich and luxurious look. Add unique elements to accessorize your saree, such as statement earrings, a floral scarf, and belts, to empower your look.

    3. Blue cotton Saree


    Blue Cotton Saree


    A cotton saree is the perfect fabric for the summer season. I found a unique blue cotton saree. It is simple yet elegant. The color of the saree is a soft blue; it is comfortable and lightweight. Style it with your unique blouse and minimalist makeup. Elevate your style now. Shop the latest cotton sarees now.

    4. Oyster Pink Cotton Saree


    Oyster Pink Cotton Saree


    During summer, the sweat and humidity increase the most, and being in the saree becomes difficult. It is essential to get the right type of saree. Take the chance and get yourself an oyster pink cotton saree. Say bye-bye to heavy sarees and try this soft cotton fabric saree. The oyster pink hue reflects grace and femininity, which is the perfect balance that every woman wants.

    5. Cream Designer Border Linen Silk Saree


    Cream Designer Border Linen Silk Saree

    Usually, glamorous traditional sarees are heavy. It is expected because of the detailed work in them. But I discovered a glamorous saree that is light. The cream designer border linen silk saree is what you need this summer. Experience the luxury of premium linen and silk, which are perfectly blended in this saree. Find both comfort and elegance. Get your lightweight, pure linen saree now.

    Conclusion: The summer is here, and so are plenty of events. If you like the saree suggestions for summer, then do not waste your time. The best linen sarees in India are available in the Iraah store. This store have a variety of trendy and summer-friendly saree collections that are available with the best discounts. Check now.

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