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Trending Saree Drapes


A saree never disappoints. 

The saree has outperformed the boundaries of an ethnic outfit. It is both sassy and classy! Despite the effortless fashion of slipping in, gliding, and moving on, there are a few events that you cannot even imagine attending without wearing a saree! Nevertheless, sarees are versatile, whether in the workplace or at weddings. 

Saree boosts pride and morale as this delicate attire carries grace and elegance. Various saree draping styles make the outfits universal. It is because a saree takes on every avatar and slays well! So, it is ideal workwear to channel the superior lady look. And it lets you obtain your aura to the fore when the world seems to be your runway. So, slay in a wedding ceremony or pull off a red carpet look when you wear the traditional saree. 

Draping a saree in the same regular way becomes monotonous. The designers, artists, and models create new and unique draping styles to uncover the unseen. Variations in saree draping often give you a different and stylish look to flaunt. Turning the old school into a contemporary style is another fashion statement. 


Boost your confidence and explore fashion styles and designs. Here, we are presenting below the latest saree draping designs that will amaze you. 

Trending Saree Designs for Modern Women

Some of the modern saree draping styles to try must - 

  • Cape Style to accentuate Modern Touch 


Saree Drape


To adopt a modernized rendition of the saree, pair it up with a cape. It is one of the most effortless forms to grace up a plain simple saree without experimenting with the draping style. Choose a thin fabric to flaunt your sleek waist. If you have a heavy build, you can go for rich colors that will make you look modish. 


  • Pant Style Saree

You can replace your boring petticoat with a stylish pair of pants. Drape your saree around it, leaving a slash to flaunt your pants. A trendy yet fashionable look will make you feel relaxed.  


  • Neck Drape Style

It is the most effortless and promptest form to give your saree a mint twist. Just drape the pallu around your neck like a scarf or stole & voila! Keep your pallu a little longer to accomplish this look. Pair up with a blouse having a rich sleeve or front ornamented with some beads or fancy accessories to give you a sophisticated look. If you wish to wear this saree at some professional gathering, you can opt for this style.

  • Infinity Drape

Trending saree drapes

It is a delightful variation of the traditional saree drape. This drape looks tough but is quite simple to do. This infinity saree has an interesting reason behind its name. You cannot figure out its starting point and end. For this drape, wrap your saree in an anti-clock direction. Pleat the pallu and drape it over your right shoulder from the back. Start creating pleats, but keep the last few easygoing to get that cowl near the waist. Then take the tip of your pallu, wrap it around the waist, and tuck it from the back. (It is much easier when you try your hand at it.)

  • Belted Saree Look 

latest drape styles

This saree style is in vogue and inspires many young girls. The belted saree drape is one of the trending styles today that will never make you look dull. Without any effort, you can conveniently buy a fancy belt according to your saree and tuck it around your waist. It will be a budget-friendly option to select. Isn't it amazing to turn your regular saree into a modern contemporary look?

  • Front Pallu Drape

It might sound like a dull saree draping style, but it gives a slight twist to your old draping technique. It is an interpretation of the classic pleated pallu style. Instead of pleating the saree on the shoulder, you merely have to throw it from the back to the front. You can go for a pleated pallu which will emanate your elegance, making it more stylish.  

  • Experiment with Blouse  

Stylish blouse

Wearing a trendy blouse will evolve the saree look. Why wear those old tedious designs when you have an abundance of designer blouses to get your hands on? Pair your basic saree with a royal piece of blouse to steal the look. There are countless blouse designs on which you can wrap your stylish saree. 

  • Play it with Silhouettes

Styling your outfit will never be outdated. Stop the old ways and explore new styles of saree draping. Pre-stitched multi-tiered sarees with ruffle elements and asymmetrical hems have undeniably got a major twist that you give them a try. Play with silhouettes that will be an experimental game on your attire. A pinch of style can turn around the fashion sense. 


  • Saree with a long trail

Saree drapes

Talented designers are already shifting their hands from one design to another, making it trendy and stylish. Indo-western attires captivated people for a long time. You can try draping our georgette sarees, leaving the long trail to put some classy impact. 

  •  Add a class with a Dupatta

Stylish saree drapes

Grab a matching dupatta and place it as a veil on your head to add a pinch of drama to your saree look. Do not carry a heavy dupatta like celebrities, but you can take a sober piece that can suit your saree. 

  • Retro Style Draping

Voila! Retro fashion is back with a twist. We still adore those charming Bollywood divas of the 60s who inspire us with their phenomenal fashion sense. Try your hands on Mumtaz's style and stand under the spotlight. 

  • Butterfly Style Drape

An authentic ethnic saree drape, with a tweak in the way it is pleated. In this drape style, pre-pleat the pallu in extra thin fabric like georgette, and pin it together neatly on the shoulder. 

  • Wrinkle it up

Cowls never hurt. Wrap your saree and create cowls from pallu that will elaborate even the printed saree. Keep the length of the pallu longer to unveil the prints and elements of your saree. 


Fabric for different saree drapes

The first step to looking attractive, no matter the occasion, is to go for a garment that compliments your body type and enhances your beauty. With sarees, the fabric and color are of supreme significance. Thin and transparent modern fabrics like georgette, cotton, and satin silk in vibrant hues will best suit tall and slim women; curvier women can opt for clothes that are more translucent than transparent, like Chanderi, or kota silk sarees. Any silk sari is safe since silk suits almost all body types and hugs the body beautifully. 

Another aspect that has to be considered is the weather and the event. A silk sari is appropriate for almost any special occasion, wedding, or party because of the luxurious look of the fabric. But a thinner variety like the Kota silk saree would be more suitable for a daytime summer party. Rich and heavy Kanjivaram silk sarees would be better for winter weddings. On a day-to-day basis, or for office wear, more earthy and coarse-looking varieties like the satin silk saree would suit better.

Contemporary twist to Traditional Drapes

Sarees are draped differently in diverse regions. Culture plays a vital role in apparel. In Bengal, sarees are draped in a back-to-front manner, while in Rajasthan and Gujarat, the pallu is pleated neatly in the front. 

These various draping techniques can be implemented differently with sarees from that region or with those made of versatile fabrics like georgette, which recreates around. With the heavy and luxurious-looking Kanjivaram silk sarees, the classic over-the-shoulder and hanging-over-the-arm drape is the best choice. Because this not only lets the fabric fall but also shows off the intricate designs on the pallu. The saree drape also fits thin, delicate garments like the Kota silk saree.

Satin silk saree, on the other hand, is quite flowy and has a soft hand. Hence, it is easily stapled for a formal, proficient look. Of course, these are merely guidelines; the saree is a versatile garment that adores many women. The modern generation loves making bold and quirky fashion statements by playing around with fabrics and drapes!




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