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How to Wear a Saree at a Party



Versatile outfit for ages, almost every Indian woman still favours sarees. Fashion might evolve with time, but the authenticity of the ethnic culture remains the same. Wearing a saree gives more pleasure than any other outfit. Because no matter how stylish you become, wrapping a saree around will take you to another level. 


Days have changed, but the desire for a saree is still on the top. Tables have turned in the 21st century because millennials are more curious to drape a saree than older ones. Generation X prefers western clothing as they want to explore themselves by moving out of their comfort zones.  


No matter what, Indians will never dip into the ocean of western fashion because the fantasy of wearing a saree is beyond anything. As soon as we hear about any occasion, we get relatively overwhelmed about what we wear. The urge to wear a saree is constant. Be it at the office, at weddings, or casually, sarees are always in fashion. Some people wear a saree regularly, but draping it the same old way becomes monotonous. 

We at Iraah listed below the ways, especially for you, which will surely help you wear a saree at a party other than those daily drapes. There are various styles in which you can drape a saree that make you look elegant and glamorous. Presenting all the latest and modern techniques that will enable you to wear a saree effortlessly, even if you are a beginner and willing to drape a saree, you must follow up with this blog because it will make your saree journey simple and sorted.  


Different Drapes and Styles of Saree to wear at a Party

As we live in a diverse country with countless cultures and traditions, fashionably carrying oneself is always appreciated. Moreover, the style statement is not always the one you follow hastily. Following a trend and modifying it gives you a tremendous twist to your personality.

Wearing a saree at a party often creates havoc in minds, but if you already know the various types of draping, it can be a cakewalk. Whether a trending saree or a basic regular saree, draping it uniquely and aesthetically will accentuate its appearance and make everyone compliment you a hundred times. 

Let us see various types of partywear drapes!


Nivi Drape Style 

Partywear drapes

Undoubtedly, it is the most common drape style, but stylishly carrying yourself will make even a cotton saree look pretty at a party. Drape it in a Nivi style, where you have to wrap it around your waist where the pallu on your left shoulder is coming, leaving the midriff exposed. 

From the range of our exquisite pure cotton sarees, you can pick our exclusive gray cotton saree with a weaving pattern embellished with a heavy fancy sequence. Draping it in Nivi style provides ease. The sequence pattern will remain apt. Wear appropriate accessories according to the occasion with a pretty smile so that you will slay the event for sure. 


Butterfly Drape Style 

Butterfly drape

A saree does not represent weakness, but it remarks strength, especially when you have to deal with the complicated people around you. Flaunt your stunning personality by wrapping around a saree in a butterfly drape, which is pretty simple and looks graceful. Make narrow pleats of the pallu neatly that will be worn over your left shoulder, partly bearing your midriff. To give it a celebrity look, one should prefer to wear thin fabric that allows pleats to look beautiful. To make it look beautiful, and to provide the intricate appeal of the saree.

You can select from our premium range of silk sarees that will allow you to look bold and gorgeous due to their sheen appearance and the luster it offers. Embrace yourself in our Gold Satin Silk Saree with a digitally printed blouse. The subtle gold of this well-crafted satin silk saree has an embossed border across the saree that uplifts the rich grace of ethnicity. Ornamented with the magnificent red tassels at the edge of the pallu, the saree itself flaunts absolute sophistication. 


Drape yourself in a Dhoti-style Saree

party wear drapes

Party wear clothing has to be differently draped and created. Unlike regular drapes, this dhoti style will make you immensely noticeable because of its unique wrapping style. The dhoti-style saree drapes in a way that will make any woman look flawless and even more stylish. Carrying it in a dignified way, the dhoti style saree is worn either with dhoti pants or a pair of leggings. Get yourself a chic royal blouse that will go well with your saree.

The selection of fabric must be wise because a heavy fabric can’t gel up with this dhoti drape. You can get your hands on the finest range of our Banarasi Silk Sarees. It will provide you with an impeccable drape in this dhoti style to add on the advantage. Banarasi Silk sarees will look luxurious on special occasions or at the party you want to wear. Check out our list of Banarasi sarees at the Iraah Store and choose some vibrant colors to elevate your sophisticated personality.



Pleated Saree Drape 

party wear drape saree

A saree is not only perfect to wear at wedding parties, but also looks graceful at the office party. Wear it in a way that emanates its subtleness, and you can also modify a simple-looking saree to a royal and lavish look. 

Wrap yourself in a pleated saree which will create a hassle-free look and allows you a sober appearance. Moreover, if you are too slim and wish to wear a saree, a pleated saree is your type. It adds volume to your look and offers you flexibility. Make sure in selecting a fabric for your office party as lustrous and glossy fabrics won’t suit the event. 

Iraah Store is always up to you to suggest the best and most appropriate fabrics for your occasion type. You can go either for a pure cotton saree or a georgette saree that will look phenomenal in a pleated drape. The silhouettes look great while pleating on a georgette fabric as it is lightweight and flowy. Don’t forget to tuck the pleats to maintain accuracy. 



Gujarati Style Drape/Seedha Pallu 

saree drape

We often get bored of the same ulta pallu drape in almost every function. To look charming and authentic Indian woman, you must choose this Gujarati-style drape. Also known as seedha pallu because the pallu falls from the back to the front. Kanjivaram Silk woven saree is the best pick because the rich pallu will steal the look. The saree emphasizes the stunning motifs created thoughtfully.



Cool Drape with a Stylish Blouse

cool drape

We offer you the best if you want to look modern by wearing a saree. Reinvent your dull saree with a vibrant look by giving your blouse a customized style. Land into trends and follow the trending blouse patterns that will make a crowd fall in love with your outfit.

You can opt for a subtle cotton saree or even an organza saree to pair with a fancy blouse. Drape it a bit in a messy way that will be counted on and will be embraced by the eyes of many.



Bengali Style Drape 

saree drapes

Among all other drapes that are fond of Indian women, this Bengali drape, popularly known as ‘aatpoure’ that reflects eight folds is the most trendy yet modern one. The Bengali woman does it all perfectly but being a non-Bengali we still wish to get fit into this ultimate stylish Bengali drape.  

Drape it in a way that converts a simple pallu into a cowl form giving it a unique pattern. Initially, it is draped like a nivi style and further, it turns under the right hand, loosening up the pallu to carry from the back. 

Our super prime patola pattern jaisree silk saree will create a magnificent look in Bengali drape that will make your look extraordinary. 



Belt up your Saree

stylish drape

A simple saree can be adorned with a fancy or sober belt to highlight its appearance. The satin silk saree from the wide gamut of our exclusive sarees will look fabulous ornamented with a party wear belt. To jazz up an evening party like a cocktail one, you can wear a heavily beaded blouse with a simple satin or silk glossy saree accessorized with a belt. If your saree consists of elements like embroidery or tassels at the edge of the pallu, go for a subtle blouse to balance the ethnic look.



Casual Flowy Palla Drape 

stylish saree drape

If your saree has various elements to flaunt like that of our finest quality Art Silk Saree, go for this casual flowy palla drape. Get yourself a simple and elegant blouse with this luxurious art silk saree to flaunt the heavy pallu. Drape it as you would wear a normal saree and let your pallu flow. It will comfort you as well as ease you, unlike those tightly draped sarees.



Lehenga Choli Drape 

stylish drape

Create a dual look with your saree. Modify your saree to a lehenga choli by draping it with our royal and rich silk sarees. A saree can be draped in multiple ways to enrich its appeal, which implicit ethnic elegance meticulously. Give your authentic traditional look a modern touch by adorning a kamar-band.


What Fabrics to Choose for a Party Wear

Fabrics must be chosen wisely for party wear because the parameters must meet the occasion. Sheen, sheer and lavish appearance must be visible in a fabric that is worn at a party. 


  • Silk Fabric - The fabric enhances the luster, shine, durability, and strength. A natural protein fabric, silk creates magnificent traditional outfits that can be worn at parties like weddings, evening parties, and engagement ceremonies. 

  • Satin Silk - With a perfect blend of satin with silk yarn, the glossy fabric is created which enriches the appearance of a garment. Gowns, partywear sarees, and indo-western attires look flawless in satin fabric. 

  • Art Silk - Sarees of the finest quality of Art Silk will look glamorous because of their sheen and luster. The fabric is highly in demand due to its premium quality of blended silk, which provides comfort and ease. 


At Iraah Store, we strive hard to create and design exquisite traditional collections for you to look magnificently graceful. Intricately chosen and artistically woven, we have curated some wonderful ethnic pieces just for you. Each piece has a fine texture to look at. 

Happy Shopping! :)


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