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How to Style Your Cotton Saree for Office Meetings?


The majority of working women in India wear sarees to the office or as professional attire. Considering the work environment at your workplace, you should drape your saree appropriately. There should be no revealing of too much skin, and it should fall under formal wear guidelines. There is a difference between wearing a saree for an outing or event and wearing one for office wear. Having the perfect professional saree look requires you to look comfortable, effortlessly stylish, and possess a sense of poise and attitude. 

Few fashion choices are as elegant as a saree, as well as fashionable and comfortable at the same time. In this day and age, sarees are more than just traditional attire; they are an expression of the beauty of women. Besides the variety of designs and prints available today, sarees are also made in several versatile fabrics. Sarees from Banarasi to Kanjivaram, and shifting towards cotton to organza, there has been versatility in the collection of sarees that women can wear on any occasion. Discover the trendy Cotton Sarees Online at Affordable Price for the upcoming wedding season! Explore our extensive collection of ethnic sarees, elegantly embellished with stunning zari work and available in a myriad of breathtaking shades. Shop now and be ready to make a stylish statement at the wedding!

If you are a professional working woman and are looking towards wearing a saree at your workplace, we would surely recommend you to wear a cotton saree. A cotton saree can meet all the necessary parameters that should be in the professional world. The foremost parameter is its comfort and the elegance it displays. 

Well, cotton sarees once become dull. But to revamp your boring cotton sarees into an appropriate cotton saree that looks way better at your workplace, we have gathered some pointers on how to style your cotton saree for office meetings. 

  • Wrap around a Cotton Saree with Shirt Blouse

    To level up your formal dressing attire, you can drape a cotton saree over a shirt instead of a blouse. It will keep you looking subtle and sober among other colleagues. Remember to choose light colors that can merge with the professional environment. Vibrant colors make a nasty impression in such an atmosphere because the office look should always be decent. If you want to look stylish and professional, you can opt for a trendy shirt or customize your shirt accordingly. You can even go for a Georgette shirt and drape a nice cotton saree. 


  • Drape a Cotton Saree with Jacket for Office

    If you are shy to reveal your skin or are too conscious of exposing your navel but have to wear a saree, you can go for jackets. A cotton saree for the office is a great idea because it is breathable and easy to carry and lets you move freely even in a hustle. Drape your simple and subtle cotton saree in a way that you can be comfortable and attend all your meetings confidently. Experiment with your professional look by wearing a jacket over your blouse to stay comfortable and convenient. 

  • Drape Your Sarees with Formal Blazers 

    Pairing your cotton saree with a formal blazer can be an interesting flavor of Indian heritage. Create a corporate look by accentuating a formal blazer on your blouse and blending it with some subtle pieces of jewelry. Are you looking to shop the latest designer traditional sarees? Visit our website at to get a glimpse of the stunning sarees that will make you fall in love with the collection.

    Let us see the steps of carrying a cotton saree with a formal blazer for office - 

    1. Choose a subtle cotton saree with fewer elements. 
    2. Pick a contrast blazer for office meetings that can go with your saree. 
    3. Drape your saree with a decent blouse as you are wearing it for corporate meetings. 
    4. Make neat pleats below the waistline and a few pleats at the shoulder. Secure them with a safety pin.
    5. Wear a blazer that is suitable for your workplace.
    6. You can even add a belt to add a professional look to your personality. 


  • Style your Cotton Saree with Kurtis  

    Indian women always choose a kurti as the most comfortable ethnic attire for them. Whenever we talk about ethics, kurti is the first preference that everyone selects. You can go for a kurti instead of a blouse and further drape your cotton saree on it. It is easy to carry and at the same time, it will keep you comfortable. To tuck your cotton saree with a kurti, you can first start draping a saree, wear a kurti, and style your pallu in a way that can look decent. You can always pick up a stylish kurti and can wear it with the same saree. Nobody will be able to figure it out even if you are wearing the same saree repeatedly. 

    Things to Keep in Mind for Office-Wear Sarees 

  • Choose Appropriate Colors

  • Go for a cotton saree that has a subtle hue. Earthy tones, neutral shades, pastel colors, and more ‌soothing shades are great choices. The professional look should always be subtle and sober instead of getting over the top. Looking for the trending sarees for this coming wedding season? Shop now with a wide range of ethnic collections adorned with beautiful zari work and in numerous amazing shades. 

  • Elements and Prints of Cotton Saree

  • Choose your cotton saree for office meetings in a way that can look decent and appropriate. You can go for elements like stripes, dots, or a solid color (preferably a lighter tone) to have a great combination with your workplace. 

  • Office Wear Saree Draping Style 

  • You can’t go for peppy drapes or trendy drape styles when you are going to the office. Office-look should always be simple and sober, having a decent drape style. Go for a pleated pallu whenever you are going to attend some professional meetings or if you have to wear a saree at the office regularly. 

     Women always have multiple personalities to display and they carry every personality with ‌grace. Whether a teacher, doctor, minister, or even at a corporate place, women are well-versed in styles of draping a saree according to appropriate places. if you have more variety please check our website

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