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Why are Kanjivaram Sarees Special?


Every Indian woman must wear a saree because it respects the intricate traditions of India. Today, women not only wear sarees regularly, but they also wear them to work to promote this wise understanding of Indian culture. There are many different kinds of sarees, however, some of the aristocratic sarees are well-known for their elaborate patterns.

In this blog, we will talk about  kanjivaram sarees. Why are these sarees so unique? What makes it unique, where did it come from, and what historical context does it support? Stick with us to the end to learn everything there is to know about these beautiful ethnic artifacts. Looking for the Pure Kanjivaram Sarees Online? Shop now with a wide range of ethnic collection adorned with beautiful zari work and in numerous amazing shades. 

Kanjivaram Saree & Its Relevance


Traditional Indian silk sarees called kanjivarams are typically produced in the Tamil Nadu region. They are renowned for their vivid hues and intricate patterns, which frequently feature gold and silver thread. Because Kanchipuram silk, also known as kanjivaram silk, is a thicker variety of silk, kanjivaram sarees are frequently referred to as  kanjivaram silk sarees. The word kanjivaram itself actually refers to Kanchipuram, the city from which the saree is originally from. 

Due to the superior silk and elaborate motifs, Kanjivaram sarees are frequently fairly expensive. They are well-liked by Indian ladies from all social groups because they are frequently viewed as status symbols. Yet as kanjivaram sarees have grown more widely available in recent years, they have also become a popular option for Indian brides getting married overseas.

South Indian crafts were among the most prestigious in the past, around the 15th century. The silk of Kanchipuram is woven. We all treasure and cherish our beloved Kanjivaram silk sarees in today's world, but the fabric's history and origins are just as intriguing as its weaving.

Indian mythology is where Kanjivaram sarees got their start. According to legend, the Kanjivaram Weavers are descended from the sage Markandeya, who revered Lord Shiva in the past and made lotus-fiber garments for the gods. This wonderful weaving technique flourished in earlier times due to the fact that royal sponsorship helped the town gain fame under the Pallava dynasty starting in the seventh century. Their capital from the sixth century on was Kanchipuram.

One of the most sought-after sarees in India is the Kanjivaram. These traditional hand-woven sarees are a perennial favorite among brides and ladies from all walks of life due to their elaborately woven patterns in rich colors and textures. Kanjivaram sarees come in a variety of styles and have a special place in culture. The traditional Kanjivarams are often composed of silk, this type of saree has intricate gold, silver, or even copper zari work covering the border and pallu. This kind of kanjivarams mainly utilizes the korvai weaving technique. The Modern Kanjivaram is a style of saree that, as its name suggests, is more contemporary in style and frequently has a lighter feel. The weaving of modern kanjivarams involves many fusions with the kanjivaram craft. Discover the designer Digital Printed Saree online for the upcoming wedding season! Explore our extensive collection of ethnic sarees, elegantly embellished with stunning zari work and available in a myriad of breathtaking shades. Shop now and be ready to make a stylish statement at the weddings!

Manufacturing of Kanjivaram Sarees


Each of these exquisite silks is woven by master weavers in Kanchipuram using pure mulberry silk. The yarns are sun-dried after being first submerged in rice water. The yarn becomes thicker and stiffer as a result of this process, giving it strength and texture. 

The technique then starts after the thread is interlocked with a thin silver wire/zari yarn and a gold thread/zari. The resulting fabric is incredibly robust and durable, especially when metallic yarn is used liberally. Yet, if threads made of genuine silver, gold (yep, that's still done), or gold-plated copper are used, the saree might become rather pricey and weigh up to 2 kilos!

Nowadays, synthetic zari is also used frequently, which lowers the weight and the price. Cotton or synthetic yarns are typically used in both Cotton Kanchi and Kora sarees. These Kancheepuram weave replicas are more affordable yet still very sturdy and durable. 

Superior Durability

All Kanjivaram sarees feature elaborate borders and pallus that are woven separately and thereafter intricately joined to the body of the saree. Nobody can tell that two different pieces of cloth have been weaved together due to the perfection of the weaving! Where the pallu joins the saree, however, is where you can see the pitni pattern, which is a zigzag design. Also, because it is done so expertly, the end product is very sturdy and doesn't fall apart or rip even after many years.  

How to Identify a Pure Kanjivaram Silk Saree

The Korvai is the age-old method of construction used in the Kanjivarams, where it is considered traditional. It's crucial to be certain that you made the appropriate choice. The first and most important thing to notice is that the handcrafted saree will have minor modifications. You can detect knots and minor flaws if you run your fingers along the borders' crossroads. This represents ‌genuine korvai. 

Apart from this, there are some other ways of identifying the purity of kanjivaram silk saree like luster test, burn test, zari test, ring test, etc. 

A unique form of weave that is a must-wardrobe essential 

Kanjivaram was originally woven in lengths of 9 yards but is currently typically offered in 6-yard lengths. Everyone now has an abundance of design options, Thanks to design evolution. The kanjivaram is highly popular among Indian women, whether they be newlyweds or Bollywood A-listers, and for all the right reasons. We provide top-notch quality Stylish Sarees At Best Deals Our Store  that fulfills the need for every occasion and season. You can have a convenient online shopping experience with IRAAH - a one stop destination for women’s traditional wear.

This saree is a must-have in everyone's wardrobe because it is magnificent, represents majesty, and is genuinely Indian. Just why not? Because the colors, designs, craftsmanship, and material are all appropriate for a royal Indian queen, it exudes class from every weave. 

The timeless parable of refinement, beauty, and originality

Kanjivaram sarees are highly distinctive from other types of traditional sarees. Silk is an extremely expensive fabric that is rarely used in everyday wear. Nobody can dispute the appeal of silk. Yet purchasing a kanjivaram saree from anywhere and everywhere has the potential to shatter all of your hopes and leave you feeling hopeless. It's possible to pay a lot of money only to discover afterward that the product's quality was subpar. 

Kanjivaram saree is thus more of an investment than an outlay of money. You might be empowered by the magnificent ensemble and have the self-assurance you need to walk the street like it's the red carpet! With so many styles and alternatives available nowadays, it might be difficult to decide what you'll want to spend your money on. However, with some gorgeous selections that offer high-quality material, you can be sure that your special moments are right around the corner.

A kanjivaram to grace these memorable times in your life is essential, whether it's your closest friend's wedding or your own shagun. The essence of your Indianness is missing if you don't have a kanjivaram in your closet. Get kanjivaram silk saree online from iraah in best price. Visit Now.

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