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Types of Daily Wear Sarees


A traditional outfit for ages, the saree represents elegance and persistence. Are you inclined to wear a Saree daily? We can see some of you women sniggering. 

Ethnic apparel has been here for centuries now. If it has been here for so long, it is for a reason. After all, in the olden period, women modeled daily wearing sarees from dawn to dusk, doing all the household chores. It is a comfy attire when you wear it most suitably. The key is to know how to drape it to suit your solace levels. And then, you will treasure wearing it every day to work. So, here are some convenient tips to select and wear daily wear sarees. 

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Choose your Fabric Wisely

The fabric of the saree plays an essential role in its comfort. You cannot wear a hefty silk saree every day to work. Light-weight sarees like cotton saree, georgette saree, and handloom sarees are your preference if you want to wear them day-to-day. 

The blouse also must be satisfied for you to move flexibly. Do not go for fancy or rich blouses along with daily wear sarees to avoid discomfort. Carry yourself gracefully with feathery sarees. 

Sarees - Types & Designs

Fancy sarees might captivate you but are not preferred to wear regularly. The coarse texture of the fabric won't allow you to move freely. Hence, it will create hassle in everyday tasks. 

Let us know about the simple saree designs for daily wear.

Picking a saree fabric is not challenging unless you know the attributes that make the saree best for daily use. The style that diverts your mind from work to driving your attire for the entire day does not make the best regular wear sarees. Premium saree fabrics should be easily manageable, perfectly fitting, and moderately thin. An appropriate design matters a lot. 

The elements that elevate simple sarees are to be focused. 


  1. Pleats to move voluntarily - Sarees are unstitched clothing of six yards. They need to be draped in a relevant manner to look sober. And pleating is a crucial part of draping satisfactorily. A good saree fabric depicts neat draping. Pleats carry competently with materials like soft silk and georgette. On the other hand, rigid and extra soft materials like organza and chiffons do not sustain ease of pleating.
  2. The fit of the Saree - Flawlessly draped saree is keen and appealing. Being an unstitched attire, the magnificence of the saree lies in correctly fitting and complementing the feminine figure. Fabrics like cotton and georgette accentuate your curves stunningly. While with some textiles like tissue, taffeta, and art silk, you must be extra cautious when draping. If inadequately draped, the look of the attire can yield its sheen and neatness.
  3. Prints and Designs - The subtly printed sarees look majestic. Other than the solid colors, women prefer subtly printed sarees. Digital printed sarees steal the look no matter where you are wearing them. 

Getting aware of the efficient fabric and design of the saree is necessary. We are unveiling suitable saree fabrics for daily wear sarees.  

Daily Wear Cotton Sarees 

cotton saree

Everyone adores Cotton! Cotton sarees are lavish and restful! The cotton used in sarees is non-stretchy and durable. Cotton is one of the most prevalent materials that every woman loves to drape during hot and humid seasons. The saree type looks refined and allows you the freedom of designer blouses.

These sarees are an excellent blend of airy, effortless, and neatly foldable fabrics. Although some cotton sarees are extra-stretched, frangible pleating becomes challenging with such sarees. Thin cotton sarees stick perfectly to your curves and add more feminine classiness. When comfort comes first, cotton is the preliminary choice. From the office to weddings to festivals, cotton sarees remain the solution! 

Get the simple sarees online that suit your needs. Cotton sarees require low or no maintenance because of their excellent quality and texture. 

Daily Wear Printed Sarees

printed saree

Daily wear Printed sarees have acquired a reputation among all age groups due to the assortment and innovation provided by the designers. This printed saree suits all body formations due to the lightness of the fabric and no stonework.

Daily Wear Georgette Sarees

georgette saree

Georgette sarees are lightweight and can be easily draped. These sarees come in a wide range and styles. You can pleat most of the silk yarn georgette and faux georgette sarees. Georgette sarees come in a range of designs and styles. Some of these sarees are ideal for daily usage, while the other designer pieces are distinguished for wearing at weddings and parties. 

Daily Wear Sarees in Blended Fabric

daily wear saree

What else could be more delightful than lustrous silk and soothing cotton? You get both of these components in a single blended silk saree. Over the years, we have seen these sarees gaining immense popularity. The unusual blend of expensive silk with cotton makes these adorable pieces reasonable for all. Likewise, other ingenious blends produce the best attires as the south silk saree. These sarees require low maintenance and are easily stored. 

Daily Wear Silk Sarees

silk saree

Silk sarees are the all-time favored saree among women of all generations. Women can wear this saree as an informal, outdoor semi-formal outfit. The soft and smooth silk sarees are easy to carry and require low maintenance. 

Latest Daily Use Sarees


Embroidered Sarees 

embroideed saree

Floral embroideries have been accepted over the saree sensations and their magnificence. Of all the latest saree designs, embroidered sarees are trendy. The elaborate detailing, craftsmanship, and sheer attractiveness, are tailored. We recommend our exclusive cotton-embroidered sarees if you wish to wear such sarees. 


Color Block Sarees 

A saree with a splash of hues is an immaculate outfit for summer. It's soothing, diverse, and delightful. Since color blocking is detailing, accessorizing can be kept to the tiniest detail. 


Pastel Silk Sarees 

silk saree

Silk sarees are timeless! And it scrutinizes like pastels aren't going away anytime soon. A pastel saree in silk is a dreamy outfit that decodes subtlety and fineness. This saree design is readily available in markets, and you have the option to add as many family heirlooms as you want.


Blouse Designs 

blouse designs

To get the most flawless look of your saree online, a matching and well-fitted blouse is a must-have. Customize your blouse with a proper neckline and sleeves, be it uncomplicated, classical, or designer, for daily wear saree. Keep the sleeves as per your taste and choice, short, long, or medium. There are multiple types of sleeves like cap sleeves, off-shoulder, slit sleeves, cold shoulder sleeves, puff sleeves, etc.

Office wear sarees for women are available in eclectic styles and designs, which are generally worn outfit by working women. To make things more manageable and satisfying, wearing a lightweight yet modern daily wear saree is most suitable. The saree design should be delicate and must have an excellent color fastness property. Daily wear sarees are preferred in vibrant as well as subtle colors to suit the customer's needs. 


No matter if you are chubby, skinny, tall, or short, sarees are made to add to the dignity of all body types, complexions, and formations. Moreover, sarees are a saga of agile draping. If you are an expert draper, you will hear many credits for a simple cotton saree. But if draped incorrectly, even the most costly saree material drops the desired look and elegance. Visit Iraah.Store

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