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Trending Designs of White Sarees


Throughout history, there has been a special connection between white color and sarees that has endured over time. The earliest sarees were made exclusively from cotton and only came in white. If you observe ancient depictions of women, you can see how the white saree has evolved throughout time. In India, the white saree is also associated with tradition and rituals. While it is considered a holy color in some regions for good festivals and occasions, in other places, it is worn during times of misfortune as well. Although the fashion industry now offers thousands of saree designs and colors, the white saree still holds a unique place among them with its diverse designs. 

The color white is known to be the lightest among all the colors and is considered an achromatic color, meaning it has no hue. Wearing ethnic clothing in white signifies various positive attributes such as goodness, purity, safety, and serenity. Additionally, white also represents brilliance and luminosity, and in some cultures, it is believed to symbolize new beginnings. For those who have a lively and flamboyant personality, white sarees adorned with colorful and vibrant patterns on a white base can truly enhance their look.

Significance of White Sarees 

The color white has symbolic associations with purity, simplicity, and peace. Additionally, it is often associated with new beginnings and cleansing. Wearing a white saree can be considered a way to ward off disappointments and evils. In India, women often choose to wear beautiful white sarees during festivals, pujas, and marriages to bring peace, wealth, and prosperity to their families and husbands. During times of mourning, the calming effect of the white saree can help to ease the minds of grieving women. It is therefore evident that white sarees, regardless of the fabric, hold great cultural significance in India. 

Properties of White Sarees

The pure white saree has always been a popular choice and is highly coveted due to its unique features. For instance, it can easily be paired with other colors to create a stunning look. Additionally, the saree can be adorned with golden or silver threadwork to give it a touch of elegance, making it one of the best white saree options available. A simple white saree with a small border and no prints or heavy work can give you a classic look that is both timeless and chic. Moreover, white saree models are highly sought-after due to their versatility and variety of designs. By exploring white saree images, you can find the perfect style to suit your taste and preferences.

Best Fabric for White Saree

Originally, white sarees were exclusively crafted from cotton. However, as time went on and new materials were introduced, they began to be produced in a variety of fabrics including silk, chiffon, polyester, net, velvet, and more. To enhance the aesthetic appeal of the sarees, they are also available in a range of shades including pure white, off-white, and cream white. To further accentuate the beauty of the white saree, colorful, golden, and even silver designs or threadwork are often incorporated. If you are in search of one such design, check out the latest white saree designs available. 

Importance of Color of the Saree

  • The color white is often associated with qualities like purity, peace, goodness, simplicity, and innocence. In many cultures, white sarees are considered ideal for auspicious occasions such as weddings, festivals, and pujas, due to their symbolic significance.
  • In the state of Kerala, it is a tradition to wear white sarees with golden jewelry, as it is believed to bring prosperity, good luck, and wealth to the family. However, pairing white sarees with warm colors can have a negative impact, according to some beliefs.
  • In the past, widows in India were required to wear plain white sarees, as it was believed to bring peace and spirituality to their lives and help calm their minds.
  • In some traditions, brides wear white sarees to symbolize good luck and prosperity in their new life.

Designer White Sarees for a Traditional Look

The trending white sarees create an ultimate appeal to accentuate elegance. These white sarees will surely uplift your classy personality. A peaceful color to make you look subtle along with a designer look. Check the new collection of white sarees from Iraah to elevate your style.


  • Black and White Saree
  • Are you looking for a fusion of prints and a designer touch in your saree? Look no further, as we present to you an exquisite black and white designer saree with unique prints. Crafted with high-quality chiffon material, this saree boasts two different designs. The pallu of the saree features an elegant black checks print, while the lower patti flaunts a symmetrical black print for a mesmerizing look. This saree is perfect for various occasions including parties, personal and corporate events, as well as other small gatherings. Get ready to make a statement with this stunning black and white saree.

    • White and Gold Saree 

    Georgette is the fabric used to make this golden-worked saree. The entire off-white saree has white embossed dots, and the rough golden border adds to the saree's appearance. Once more, embroidery is used to provide a decorative touch to the saree's upper border. The saree looks chicest when worn with a top that is embroidered in gold. This golden-bordered saree is a favorite for weddings, religious holidays, festivals, and other such events.

    • White and Blue Saree 

    Are you considering experimenting with something fresh this wedding season? Why not explore the blue and white saree collection, which boasts a variety of captivating designs and patterns? This elegant saree features a blend of net and velvet fabric, with a net finish at the bottom and a velvet pallu adorned with a white floral border. The entire saree has a matching border for a trendy look. This saree is an excellent choice for weddings, receptions, parties, and other traditional events. 

  • White and Pink Saree 
  • Looking for a unique and eye-catching saree? Consider the stunning combination of pink and white, which creates a mesmerizing look that is sure to steal your heart. This saree features an overall white base with a pink pallu, giving it a half-saree look. The pallu is accentuated with a white net design border and a silver border, adding to the overall elegance of the saree. The lower portion of the saree features woven pink flowers, further enhancing its beauty. This saree is perfect for formal events and parties.

  • White Saree with Red Border 
  • Are you seeking a conventional appearance for a religious event? Why not add a different designer touch to the traditional Bengali white saree with a crimson border to increase your zeal and level of piety for the festival? The pure white saree is bordered in red and further embellished with little motifs made of golden threadwork. Designer red blouses are worn with the saree.

  • White Designer Saree
  • On a special occasion, do you want to add a designer touch to your personality? The best white designer saree is shown here, which will undoubtedly catch your attention. Art silk was used to make this most recent white saree. The entire saree's golden zari and embroidered work add a designer touch to its base color of pristine white. Moreover, a peacock-themed border is added to the saree. You can wear it to celebrations like weddings or receptions.

  • White Silk Saree 
  • Want to give the off-white saree more beauty? Just take a quick look at the silk saree in white and crimson Kanjivaram style. You'll undoubtedly fall for it. This off-white-colored silk fabric is used to create the white saree. The saree also has a red pallu with golden thread embroidery on it that features tiny designs of mango prints. The saree's pallu is also separated into two colors, off-white and red, giving it a distinctive appearance. The South Indian saree is worn during poojas and festivals as well. 

    In India, white sarees have a strong spiritual and religious connotation. The saree is ideal for special events because of its high level of purity. The white sarees can attract the viewer's attention at first glance, whether they are in plain prints or fancy patterns. Likewise, the most recent white sarees offer a perfect balance of stylish and demure designs that are suited for ladies of all ages. Are you seeking a stunning appearance for this year's weddings and other religious celebrations? Try the stunning variety of white sarees, where each one is unique.

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