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Things to Look Before Buying an Original Kanchipuram Saree


Handloom weaves evoke a sense of pride and prestige, reflecting our identity, culture, and tradition. Among the oldest and most prestigious handloom weaves in India is the Kanchipuram saree, woven in the temple town of Kanchipuram in southern India, which flourished under the patronage of the Chola Dynasty. This saree is renowned for its use of mulberry silk and pure zari, with expert techniques passed down through generations to create its rich borders and brocades, making it a luxurious and expensive choice. 

Kanchipuram Saree shopping is a difficult task. You might need to test out a few different designs first. The moment you think the challenging portion is over, the market is flooded with fake goods. As a result, you can doubt the authenticity of silk sarees that you purchase .So be aware and as well as From not going to Kanchipuram still you can buy kanjivaram saree from iraah with different varieties of colors.



Here are ten things to look out for when identifying a genuine Kanchipuram saree.

  • Firstly, the purity of yarn is crucial, as pure silk is of higher quality and cost than blended alternatives. Look for the 'Silk Mark' certification from the Silk Board of India, which is only given to pure Kanchipuram silk sarees.
  • Another way to identify an authentic Kanchipuram saree is through touch and feel. Rub the fabric between your palms; if it's pure silk, it will feel warm and soft without any roughness. 
  • Additionally, the saree's shimmer and shine should reflect light according to the angle, giving the appearance of dual color tones.
  • Kanchipuram sarees are manually crafted by expert artisans using time-honored techniques, resulting in slight unevenness compared to power loom weaves. Look for this sign of originality and flip the saree to see the masterpiece on the reverse side.
  • The body and pallu of a Kanchipuram saree are seamlessly blended using the korvai technique, which is inspired by temple arches of South India, resulting in interesting designs and patterns with a blurred zig-zag effect.
  • The three-shuttle weave is another key component, interlocking the zari border on both ends so that even if the saree tears, the border will not detach.
  • Zari plays a crucial role in the handiwork of Kanchipuram sarees, traditionally made of pure gold and silver, but substitutes such as imitation and tested zaris are also available. Scratch it gently to identify pure zari, which should give a reddish appearance.
  • Look for pinholes at the edges of the saree, which are a mark of authentic techniques being used during the handloom process.
  • Vintage Kanchipuram sarees are known for their vibrant color palettes between the body, border, and pallu, with rich colors that remain intact and get better over time.
  • Finally, the ring test is a fascinating way to check if a saree is pure Kanchipuram. If it passes through a ring easily, it is considered genuine.

Investing in a Kanchipuram saree requires thought and consideration. At Sundari Silks, we take pride in curating an extensive array of Kanchipuram weaves that blend classic and contemporary worlds, while providing utmost transparency and trust to our customers. Every aspect, from the fabric to the weaving techniques to the zari used, is mentioned upfront to enable you to make a well-informed choice.

You Must Be Aware Of 

As was already established, many sarees are falsely advertised as being from Kanchipuram. Most of them aren't produced with pure silk, and some aren't even from Kanchipuram. The majority of individuals are unable to distinguish between real and fake sarees. So, you need to have some basic knowledge before purchasing authentic Kanjivaram sarees online or at your local store. 

Types of Kanchipuram Sarees


A Kanchipuram saree can be divided into ‌several categories depending on the quality and cost.

  • Pure Zari & Pure Silk - This saree is quite pricey because it is made of genuine zari and silk. It is thought to be the most inventive Kanjivaram saree. Three silk threads are used to weave the various parts of the saree.
  • Pure Zari and Silk/Polyester - Blends are lighter and cheaper alternatives to the original. Rather than being made of genuine silk, this saree is constructed of synthetic silk. This saree is woven using just one thread rather than three.
  • As it is so common, you will probably purchase this saree made of pure silk and half-fine zari. They are affordable and have beautiful colors.

Why Kanchipuram Saree is Special? 

Kanchipuram silk sarees stand out from other Indian silk sarees due to their unique weaving process using heavy lustrous ‌silk in charka and warp. The intricate designs of Kanchipuram sarees are complemented by contrasting colors in the borders and pallus. The use of rich golden thread adds to the allure of these sarees, which are meant to be a long-lasting investment, often passed down from mother to daughter like cherished ornaments. Although time-consuming to produce, Kanchipuram sarees are a fascinating product that has gained popularity worldwide due to their durability and stunning color combinations, making them a dominant player in the South Indian saree market. 

Why You Must Have Lavish Kanchipuram Saree 


Kanjivaram sarees are renowned for their exquisite beauty in India. These sarees are made from pure mulberry silk, and their gold zari border is captivating. What makes these sarees truly remarkable are their intricate patterns and designs.

Also referred to as Kanchipuram sarees, they originate from Kanchipuram, a town in Tamil Nadu. The designs on these sarees are diverse, including animals, birds, flowers, peacocks, and leaves, among others. Each design has been passed down through generations, ensuring that no two Kanjivaram sarees are the same. The ornate borders, which end in a decorative tail at the bottom, add to their elegant appearance.

The material of these sarees is enough to captivate one's heart. When worn by a woman who knows how to wear it correctly, a Kanjivaram saree is stunning. It is ideal for any event and can be worn as an evening dress at weddings or parties. Alternatively, it can be worn casually to add an air of sophistication to a party or event without the expense of a designer dress or gown.


The most recent Kanchipuram silk sarees can be accessorized with sequin, metallic clutches, or other contemporary handbags. However, choose Indian purses like cut dana handbags, moti work handbags, or clutches with Indian embroidery on them for a purely ethnic appeal. A creative, striking bindi on the forehead will offer an unbeatably ethnic atmosphere while also being quite on-trend at the moment. Add jasmine flowers to your hair for a truly traditional South Indian style to give it a feminine touch.

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