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The Significance of Sarees for Navratri Festivities


The pious festival of Navratri has already begun and Indians are enthusiastically planning to wear traditional outfits to accentuate Indian culture. The festival of Navratri is a time to celebrate in style and full force. Because Navratri represents good triumphing over evil, everyone takes great pride in celebrating this festival. This celebration also recalls the victory of the goddess Maa Durga over the demonic Mahishasur, which purified the country of all evil.

As Navratri season approaches, it's time to honor the rich heritage and culture of our nation by shining bright in outfits that perfectly evoke the festival spirit. To maintain the festive spirit, we are bringing you a selection of elegant pieces that are designed to be worn at this time of year. Keep up with the trends with attire that gracefully captures the festival spirit. A true lover of traditions will recognize the value of dressing up, even for a small gathering. 

Significance of Sarees for Navratri 

A Saree is not merely an outfit but it reflects Indian culture in its truest form. The most well-known Indian garment worn by women not only in India but also around the world is the saree, also known as the sari. Since the beginning of time, it has drawn attention due to its sensuality. A saree gives a woman an elegant, stunning, and fashionable appearance. 

Sarees, which are typically 5 to 9 yards long, can be worn in a variety of ways that highlight their versatility and beauty. It is an outfit that works for almost every situation. In contrast to how it is worn in the East or the North, it is draped differently in the West. Sarees, which come in a variety of hues, patterns, and materials, are an essential part of an Indian woman's wardrobe. 

The auspicious days are surrounded by the positive energy that is channeled through a variety of vibrant colors. Since sarees are regarded as heirlooms in Indian culture, they meet the needs of modern women while also capturing a bygone era. A saree represents the timeless legacy of our culture and heritage and is the foundation of any Indian woman's wardrobe.

These ensembles are eloquently designed to give you a timeless look while enhancing the festival's beauty. Browse our selection of collections that exude elegance and class to find the ideal match for you.

We have curated some of the trending sarees for each day of Navratri representing the powers of every color that should be worn for 9 days of Navratri. 

Day 1 

Choose a Yellow Saree 


The first day, also known as Pratipada or Ghastasthapana, denotes the Goddess's appearance and the start of the festival. The first color of Navratri, yellow, which denotes the start of the upcoming religious and spiritual nine days, is filled with freshness, excitement, positivity, and inspiration, giving the day a festive feel. A brilliant or yellow-golden patola silk saree can serve as the foundation for your bubbly fashion journey. Add subtle yet stunning accessories, like a maang tikka or Chand Bali earrings and potlis, to enhance the stunning excellence of the garment, and get ready to turn heads from the very first day of this Navratri!

Day 2 

Green Reflects Harmony

Being the color of Day two or Dwitiya, green allows you to choose beguiling clothing in a calming hue that represents harmony, fertility, wealth, and nature. For your evening events, stock your closet with a perfect and gorgeous Sage Green Kanjivaram Saree or a georgette saree. This elegant Sage Green saree captures the authenticity of the traditional ethnic look by weaving the ethnic patterns on the entire pallu ornamented with the red and golden sculpted tassels. Make a statement with a group of inborn oxidized gems that draw attention to the green hue of your clothing.

Day 3 

Dark Grey 


The color of day three of Navratri exhibits enduring modernity, enduring sophistication, and enduring balance. We're talking about darkness and all of its moody manifestations. Show off your style in a fiery shade Ikkat saree or a dark grey Ikkat silk saree with a traditional border, and let your personality speak for itself! With a few elaborate dangler studs and a stylish grip style, you can minimize your jewelry and let your character speak for itself.

Day 4 

Select Orange

The festival of vitality, energy, and creativity is symbolized on the fourth day by vibrant orange hues. Additionally, a traditional Chanderi silk saree in a deep orange shade tint is incomparable in beauty and excellence as a fashion essential. To bring out the true color of the saree, wear it with a matching blouse. Wear embellishments and dress glamorously in the holiday gleam for a greater impact. 

Day 5 

Go with Whites


The color white, which is associated with Panchami (the fifth day), stands for harmony, virtue, and purity. Furthermore, your outfit choices today should reflect perfection and flawlessness. Add a White Digital Print Satin Saree to your wardrobe for the day. Decorate it with a sleek Kamar bandh or a maang-tika in vibrant colors to give an otherwise understated example of excellence some extra oomph.

With a traditional gajra filled with brand-new, fresh white flowers, throw away the embellishments and prefer the power of flowers!

Day 6

Wear Red

The current color of the day is red, which stands for strength, enthusiasm, passion, and desire. Navratri is currently underway at full speed. And nothing shifts energy quite like a Kancheepuram silk saree in a rich, sensual red. For your Garba evenings, pick up a deep red lehenga with sand dark brown borders and a dupatta. It is an essential part of the Navratri celebrations. Enjoy some excellent frills to up your style game, such as decorated potli, and articulation statement jewelry, such as chunky earrings, long neckpieces, thick studs, and bangles.

Day 7

Be Ready in Blue

On the seventh day, Garba evening welcomes fill your social calendar. It's the perfect chance to go out dressed to the nines in hues of a magnificent blue—the hue of the seventh day! A flawless Navy Blue Pure Silk saree with a golden zari border and magnificent pallu will show off your sense of style and self-assurance. Combining this traditional costume with a modern twist and wearing it with a designer blouse accentuates your assertiveness. You can also try a modern look by draping it in a contemporary style while whirling around for an unforgettable evening!

Day 8 

Pretty in Pink

On the eighth day of Navratri, it's the perfect time to look stunning in pink. In an orchid pink Banarasi Silk saree adorned with stunning peacock motifs, channel your inner goddess. Make a fashion statement with just one stunning accessory, like a kamar bandh or a maang-tika, and you'll catch everyone's attention! Alternatively, go completely traditional with this gorgeously understated yet striking Banarasi saree.

A decorated hand with fascinating rings, diamonds, mirror work, and statement pieces amplifies your appearance. Own a fashion statement with just one stunning accessory, such as a kamar bandh or a maang-tika, and grab everyone's attention!

Day 9 

Wear Purples


Even though it is Navami's final day, the festivities continue!

The color of the ninth day of Navami is purple, which denotes luxury and power, in keeping with the spirit of the worship and the soul of the love of the most potent goddess in Hindu culture.

Celebrate the final day in style by donning a rich violet saree with a luxurious pallu or a regal deep purple Banarasi silk saree. The accessories that will best complete your look are simple vajras, nose pins made of silver or oxidized metal, and jewelry. Check out the final result of your eye-catching ensemble.

Celebrate Navratri with Traditions On

These stunning Navratri sarees will undoubtedly elevate your sense of style. We will soon release a thorough guide to dressing for more festivals! Visit Iraah.Store

The Ultimate Navratri Fashion Guide will Turn Heads. Happy Navratri, everyone! :) 

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