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The Most Affordable And Beautiful Georgette Sarees Across India


Are you aware of the classic Georgette saree collection? It is a top-notch staple in the Indian fashion industry. Women loves Georgette saree because the fabric is soft, smooth and lightweight; it has a crinkled texture which makes it ideal. 

There is something so special about Georgette sarees; they are perfect for a fashion statement. This saree can be used for a multitude of occasions, from a wedding night to a haldi ceremony. Georgette Saree got you. It is elegant and easy-going; I bet you will be the party glam.

Secret history behind Georgette Sarees

  • It was first introduced in India around the 1920s. It immediately grabbed the attention of women and the target audience loved the material.
  • This unique saree is delicately made from twisted yarns.
  • It was inspired by French fashion designer Georgette de la Plante in the 20th century.
  • The texture of the saree is flowy and sheer in appearance. It comes in various designs, styles and colors. 


Do you want to level up your saree game? We have something for you 

1. Mint Blue Georgette Embroidered Saree


Mint Blue Georgette Embroidered Saree


Are you looking for a unique saree collection? We have the best options for you. The combination of mint and blue in a georgette saree is rare to find. It is a ideal choice for daytime events and party events. Any Georgette Saree has alluring elegance. Buy the latest georgette saree online from Irrah, now. 

2. Oyster Pink Georgette Chikankari Embroidered Saree


Oyster Pink Georgette Chikankari Embroidered Saree


Are you a fan of Pink sarees? We have just the right saree for you. This Oyster Pink Georgette saree has chikankari embroidery. The soft oyster pink will complement your overall look. A saree that is perfect for a party and a casual hangout. What are you waiting for, cart them now.

3. Magenta Bandhani Georgette Saree


Magenta Bandhani Georgette Saree


The wedding season is never-ending. But, when it comes to our wardrobe it is not the same.  Here’s a Printed Brasso silk saree that is perfect for wedding occasions. It has a balance of traditional and modern design. The intricate bandhej pattern compliments the saree. Avoid wearing this saree if you do not want to look irresistible. What are you waiting for? Get your saree, now.

4. Mint Green Chikankari Soft Georgette Saree


Mint Green Chikankari Soft Georgette Saree


The elegant Georgette saree you are looking for—we have it. It is made of premium quality and is lightweight. It has details of chinkankari embroidery and the delicate threadwork reflects the charm. Mint color Georgette saree complements Indian skin color. Visit our website, for better deals.

5. Sky Blue Chikankari Soft Georgette Saree


Sky Blue Chikankari Soft Georgette Saree


Add to your wardrobe, this chikankari soft georgette saree. If you prefer a high-quality saree collection then this is a must for you. It is lightweight and has a breezy texture. Chinkankari embroidery work makes this saree exclusive and unique. It is made with delicate threadwork and a beautiful pattern that complements the overall saree look. Grab your Chinkankari Georgette saree, now. 


This exclusive saree collection is hard to find. We want to make your perfect evening more special with this Georgette saree collection. Avoid the anxiety and Grab these saree now. Visit

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