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Patola Saree Trends That are Ruling the Fashion Game


Do you know Patola saree designs are trending like crazy? 

I understood traditional sarees to be boring and heavy until I discovered that rich Indian traditional handloom, also known as patola silk sarees, is not like that at all. It is made with peculiar details and maintains a balance of modern fashion. It is truly a masterpiece. Though fashion is ever-changing, Patola's saree keeps up with the trend. Before exploring the options for the best pure silk patola saree. Let us get to know the interesting history of the Patola Saree.


History and heritage of Patola saree

  • During the 11th century, religious text from south India mentions that legends were associated with Patola origin.
  • Around 700 silk weavers from the Salvi caste of Maharastra and Karnataka people were directly moved to Gujarat.
  • It is believed that 700 patola craftsmen and their families from Maharashtra and Karnataka to Patan in Gujarat received new patola to wear to the temple each day.
  • Secret history is hidden in the fabric of Patola sarees.



1. Cream Floral Rajwadi Patola Saree


Cream Floral Rajwadi Patola Saree

Are you part of Gen Z which values not just fashion but mindful fashion? Guess what? I discovered a cream floral Rajwadi Patola saree. It is made with the finest organza fabric. The unique feature is that it is lightweight and has a sheer texture that is both comfortable and stylish. Embracing the fabulous, intricate details of the zari work. Get your sarees now, before it's too late!

2. Cobalt Blue Patola Silk Sarees


Cobalt Blue Patola Silk Saree


Did you just mention your love for multi-color sarees? I noticed a brand new collection of cobalt blue patola silk sarees. The texture is richly made and has the finest silk fabric. I underestimated the power of simplicity; this saree proved me wrong with its aura of simplicity and traditional values. Elevate your saree look now!

3. Cream Digital Patola Silk Saree


Cream Digital Patola Silk Saree


All the Desi girls, it is time to shine! I discovered a special collection of Patola sarees, cream digital Patola silk sarees. However, I understood that old sarees have historical value and are heavy at the same time. But this is a unique saree that is not heavy and still carries traditional values. Now, I am carefree because it is lightweight. Grab the chance now and experience an ethereal silhouette. I still adore the zari work in this special patola saree. Do not delay on a special discount; get your saree now!


4. Dark Green Patola Silk Sarees


Dark Green Patola Silk Saree


Did you hear that Indian craftwork sarees are high in quality? 

I came across this Indian craftwork and looked at a premium patola saree; it comes in the finest silk fabric. The special feature of this is an elegant patola weaving that has unique details. Ever since I saw this beauty, I cannot stop admiring the traditional prints and embroidery Zari work in this saree. Buy your trending patola saree now!


5. Mauve Zari Border Patola Saree


Mauve Zari Border Patola Saree


I stumbled upon a special Patola saree collection, “Mauve Zari Border Patola Saree. Smooth silk saree that is both graceful and stunning. I observed that Mauve Patola's saree have potil tassels that elevate the style. I Cannot stop admiring Zari Border's intricate work, and you will love this special silk saree. So, get your saree now!



I realized every saree lover knows about the different types of sarees and their different auras. Well, not everyone is aware that Patola's saree collection carries an aura of tradition and elegance in each drape. A saree that is both stylish and comfortable to wear. So, avoid last-minute stress; get your saree now at the


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