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Is Kanjivaram Saree an Indian Wedding Saree?


The traditional Kanjivaram sarees, renowned for their graceful appearance, gorgeous colors, and lovely designs and embroidery primarily inspired by South Indian-based temples, are a striking epitome of South Indian culture. They are woven from pure silk, have a thick fabric, and are deep colors with gold undertones. For celebrations and festive occasions, this saree is preferred.

The Indian wedding season is all about showing off vibrant colors, donning extra glitter, and appearing glamorous. The famous weave of the silk saree known as Kanjivaram or Kanchipuram, from which it originated, dates back 400 years. It was constructed using excellent weaving techniques and featured effigies and images of scriptures found on temples all around the village. When looking for Indian wedding wear, Kanjivaram or Kanchipuram silk sarees are the ideal clothing choice.

Indians take great pride in their hand-woven textiles. They represent Indian identity, culture, and heritage and are woven with a variety of historical tales. One of India's oldest and most significant hand-woven industries is located in the country's southern region's magnificent temple city of Kanchipuram.

The Kanchipuram weaves reflect the Chola dynasty's culture, personality, and charm, which can still be seen today. Under the Chola dynasty's patronage, the area flourished as a spiritual and learning center.

History of Kanjivaram Saree

Hindu mythology is where the Kanjivaram silk sari got its start. Legend has it that Sage Marcanda, referred to as the Master Weaver of the Gods, was an ancestor of the Kanchi Silk Weaver.

The 400-year-old, tiny Tamil Nadu town of Kanchipuram is home to the famous Kanchipuram Saree weave. Art (of the Vijayanagar Empire) was born during Krishna Devalaya. 

Two significant Andhra Pradesh weaving communities, the Devangas, and Saliers, have moved to Kanchipuram. Superior weaving skills were used to create silk saris with pictures of inscriptions and figures seen in temples around the area.

The Kanchipuram Silk Saree, also known as the Kanjivaram Saree, is frequently contrasted with the Banarasi Saree in South India. This saree is appropriate for formal occasions because of its thick fabric and vibrant gold colors. If you're looking for a classy ethnic alternative, Kanjivaram or Kanchipuram silk sarees are the best options.

In South India, wearing a saree has become a requirement for women participating in religious rituals, weddings, and other occasions.

The Weaving Process of Kanjivaram Sarees

The Kanchipuram silk saree is woven from pure mulberry silk. Gujarat is the home of pure gold and silver zari, whereas silk is indigenous to southern India. After that, to add thickness and rigidity, the silk thread used to weave sarees is steeped in rice water and dried outside before use. Once finished, the weaver completes the technique by wrapping the silk thread in a thin silver wire and finishing it with gold thread.

The warping frame used to weave this fabric has 240 holes in the warp and about 60 holes in the weft, each with between 250 and 3000 threads. The pallu, border, and body of a saree are typically knitted separately before being meticulously and neatly stitched together to give the Kanchipuram saree its traditional appearance. 

Properties of Kanjivaram Sarees


The weaver first weaves the body and the pallu separately due to the vast differences in color and pattern between them. The area where the body meets the Pallu is where the zigzag pattern, or Pitni, can be seen. The three saree borders are typically weaved separately and then assembled. The three connections (known as korai) are precisely established so that the borders do not deteriorate when the saree tears.

Since the Zari is created by twisting three silk threads with silver wire, the fabric is extremely strong and durable. A Kanjivaram saree, however, can weigh up to 2 kilograms as a result of this potential weight gain.

Colors of Kanjivaram Sarees

Kanjivaram Saree

Saree is renowned for its vivid colors and striking patterns, which are largely inspired by the books and statues found in many of the village's temples. Expect a wide range of tints because the pallu and body of the saree are different colors and designs. Nearly every color under the sun is available in Kanchipuram silk sarees! Depending on your personal preference and the time of year of the wedding, choose striking bridal colors like red, pink, or yellow. The sheer variety of prints, patterns, and designs that Kanchipuram silk sarees can display will leave you in awe. It makes sense why it is the first option among sarees when choosing sarees for the bride.

Motifs on Kanjivaram Sarees

Particularly renowned for their broad contrast borders that heighten their opulence are Kanchipuram silk sarees. Kanchipuram or Kanjivaram silk sarees have a long history, and they frequently feature temple borders, floral motifs, stripes, and even a check weave. One strong color or a beautiful blend of colors can be found in these elegant and classic sarees. The Kanchipuram silk sarees' glitz, glamor, and grace are enhanced by the zari work.

These South Indian wedding sarees, made famous worldwide, originated in the tiny Tamil Nadu village of Kanchipuram. The exceptional craftsmanship, intricate weaving, and striking borders are thought to make these garments ideal for wearing on any special occasion. On their wedding day, many brides choose to wear elegant Kanchipuram Silk sarees, which make for stunning brides. 

If you want to emulate the elegant Kanchipuram silk saree bride, keep the following in mind: 

  • Specific Colors for Bride - As we have already read above about the bold and vibrant colors these luxurious sarees feature, always choose colors like red or orange for ‌Bridal wear. 
  • An appropriate Jewelry with Kanjivaram Saree - It is best to pair traditional jewelry designs with something as traditional as Kanchipuram silk sarees. A Kanchipuram saree is made more elegant with the addition of gold bridal jewelry sets in traditional patterns. If your bridal saree is made of gold, you should wear matching jewelry; however, if it is made of silver, you can choose jewelry made of silver, white gold, or platinum. It all depends on the design choices made for the saree; there may be a combination of gold and silver threads. You can wear any jewelry you prefer, whether it's a choker necklace or a gold Satlada. Traditional jewelry from South Indian weddings complements Kanchipuram sarees the best, but you shouldn't be discouraged from experimenting with other jewelry designs and styles.
  • Blouse to Wear with Kanjivaram Saree - Your priceless Kanchipuram silk sarees require careful matching of the blouse. Keep the blouse traditional as well since it is a traditional bridal saree. A short-sleeved gold tissue blouse or a blouse in a contrasting color would look elegant with the saree. By choosing modern cuts and necklines for the blouse, you can choose Maggam work blouse designs. 

The timeless Kanjivaram silk sarees will always be in style! For your wedding trousseau, you can create your bridal collection of these essential Kanjivaram silk sarees in a variety of colors. To create some stunning pictures for your wedding photo album, look elegant as a couple by embracing a color scheme for your saree and the groom's sherwani. Your carefully chosen outfits will appear elegant and regal in every photo.

Without purchasing a saree or two, if not more, no bridal shopping is complete. You can't miss the elegance of a woman more than in this 6-9 yard work of art, which is so beautiful. In addition, modern designers are updating the conventional saree to make it more fashionable and contemporary. Additionally, you can drape these beauties in a variety of ways, and each time, they will look different and even more stunning. On your special day, you can choose to wear a saree instead of a lehenga, and we promise you'll still look stunning!

Check out our guide to buying silk sarees online if you feel like placing an order for one. You wouldn't want to waste your valuable time participating in a fashion faux pas, would you? It is preferable to be ready than not. So, if you're planning to buy one online, keep in mind that the color may differ from the features of the product, and buy ahead so you can always remember and feel immense pleasure after getting adorned in this aristocratic ethnic piece. You can treasure this majestic Kanjivaram Saree and pass it down to the next generation as an heirloom. These sarees are not merely apparel but priceless emotions.  

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