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IRAAH - A perfect online store to buy Ethnic Sarees


Well, sarees are popular not just in India but all over the world due to their versatility. The intricate art of draping a saree has been handed down through the generations ever since its humble beginnings in Mesopotamian civilization! 

A saree, also known as a sari, is a stunning women's garment of Indian origins. It is made of an unstitched drape that is typically wrapped around the waist and measures between 5 and 9 meters in length and 700 and 1,200 millimeters in width. An unstitched length of gorgeous fabric known as a "saree," typically between five and nine yards long, is worn by Indian women as part of their daily attire. The pallu, or end strip, is typically a longer length than one meter. Traditionally, a stunning blouse and a "Petticoat" are worn with saris.

Sarees by Iraah - An online ethnic store

Iraah incorporates traditional elements into the modern aesthetic by taking inspiration from timeless sensibilities. The brand's design aesthetic incorporates a glimmer of hope into each silhouette. Iraah honors Indian craftsmanship by selecting classic ensembles made of breathable materials. Iraah is an online ethnic brand that seeks to celebrate the rich culture of India through the use of extraordinary artisanal skills to bring Indian textiles and handicrafts to life. We want to design timeless silhouettes that people can wear and treasure forever.

Iraah Store provides you with a genuine selection of handcrafted traditional sarees that combine comfort and style. To reach every Indian woman, we make sure to deliver both modern and traditional craftsmanship. Being the best online ethnic store, we try to meet the needs of every customer. Designer sarees that are both fashionable and stylish can be seen in our premium product catalog.

To bring you the timeless artwork painstakingly created by the best weavers in the nation, we are connected to them. Each Indian state's majestic traditional patterns and dexterous designs serve as a symbol of that state's culture. Some of the most expensive saree collections include Patola from Patan, Gujarat, Banarasi from Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh, and Kanjivaram from the Kancheepuram district of Tamil Nadu. We provide you with premium products that, unlike ever before, reflect a luxurious appearance.

Why choose online shopping with Iraah?  


The best solution is to shop online, and we are all aware of its growing appeal. Customers are always looking for appealing websites to buy clothing from. Additionally, saree purchases are now primarily made online for a variety of reasons. Indian women can wear sarees almost anywhere and for any occasion. On the other hand, selecting a saree from a local market might be a hassle. Let's face it; we all detest the hassle of the local market, especially the crowded markets of Delhi. Regardless of how beautiful the saree is, the time-consuming process can be exhausting for anyone.

Due to how inexpensive and simple it is to buy things from e-Commerce portals, they have recently attracted a lot of attention. Let us now explain the many benefits of buying sarees online from this type of E-Commerce website.

Time and Efforts are Precious

The fact that it will save you time and effort is the main benefit of buying your saree online. Let's imagine you want to buy a saree but you always go to the neighbourhood shop. To get to the nearby store, you'll need to schedule an Ola or Uber. When it arrives at your door, the car will have plenty of time to transport you to your destination. It might be more efficient to open any website and browse the Saree patterns before adding them to your cart rather than going through this process, which could waste three to four hours of your time doing nothing.

We are certain that you won't ever find the exact saree fit for you in a nearby store. The market for online sarees is enormous. The sarees made their online debut after being worn by famous people or making an appearance in the Lakme fashion show. The majority of the major online retailers carry these sarees in stock. In order to sell the sarees, the e-commerce websites, and the fashion runways have formal agreements.

Shop Stylish Sarees on a Single Click

Do you want to shop for a cotton saree and a silk saree at the same time? While we are confident that you will need to search through several distinct geographic markets before finding the best product, this is not the case with online shopping. Every type of saree is available on the e-commerce platform. Numerous product categories are available for you to select from. Since e-commerce platforms have a large amount of inventory, we don't have to search the store for your products or wait for hours for them to get displayed.

Designer Sarees - Relevance & Why Iraah is Perfect to Shop?

People frequently purchase the newest designer sarees from us, and the reason is fairly straightforward: Thanks to our efforts to obtain the newest collection of designer sarees from well-known and up-and-coming saree designers across the nation, our customers have access to a huge selection! is the place to go if you want to buy the best designer sarees online!

Online shopping for the best designer sarees is quickly spreading across the country and around the world.


Designer sarees, however, give a woman the ideal blend of tradition and fashion! It makes sense why people choose to buy designer sarees online. Not only fashionistas but also divas who prefer to fill their closet with ethnic clothing that keeps up with fashion trends, are popularizing India!

What then should you consider when planning to purchase the newest designer sarees online?

Here is the quick checklist - 

  • Choose sarees with fabric that has been quality-tested. 
  • Choose vibrant colors when ordering a women's designer saree from us online. A designer saree in a vibrant color will help you attract lots of eyes all at once!
  • Always pay attention to the patterns, prints, and level of embroidery complexity when making plans to purchase designer sarees online.
  • We have a committed group of stylish curators who help us regularly update our selection of designer sarees, enabling our customers to buy the newest designer sarees online in India.
  • Pick from our largest selection of, - Colorful, embellished, printed designer sarees that will give your ethnic fashion status a major boost!

Iraah Provides a Wide Gamut of Elegant Sarees

We offer you a vast collection of sarees that will make you fall in love with your traditional wear. Indian culture is all about art work that is aesthetically crafted in the sarees. 

Let us have a look at the varieties of sarees on our website - 

  • Banarasi Sarees - One of the most popular styles of Indian sarees, and for good reason too! They are renowned for their exquisite zari work and silver or gold brocades. To put it mildly, these are magical. These are backed with alluring designs and made of premium silk! Choose from a variety of Banarasi sarees we have here!
  • Silk Sarees - They are renowned for having the most beautiful and balanced representation of India's traditions and diversity! Our selection of silk sarees is obtained from fabricators who are renowned for producing high-quality goods as a result of honed traditional methods for making  silk sarees and premium raw materials.
  • Hand-painted Sarees - These come from independent, very talented artists in Chhattisgarh and Andhra Pradesh. Because of its impressive colors and fine details, our selection of hand-painted sarees is well-liked by our loyal customers!
  • Kanjivaram or Kanchipuram Sarees A kanjivaram silk saree is a showstopper that has been captivating onlookers for 400 years. Thanks to its royal appeal, spectacular essence, and impeccable craftsmanship.

Visit us at 

We are reaching out to you digitally to help you shop for sarees online without any hassle. Shipping all-over India, make every woman look graceful in an exclusive saree by Iraah Store. From your regular wear cotton sarees to those fancy silk, we have it all. Adding a modern twist to ‌traditional sarees to enhance a woman's first love (shopping).

Happy Shopping with Iraah! :) 

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