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How to Wear Saree?


We know you love sarees! 

Of course, that’s why you are here, isn’t it?

We Ethnikme believe that saree is always in fashion in India, be it a job interview, weeding, and any other occasion, you open your wardrobe and pick your favorite saree. Though, as beautiful as it looks, it can not be forgotten how complicated it is to drape it.

Yes, we understand that and that’s why, in this blog we are going to reveal the best possible answer to your question, “how to wear saree?”

In short, it is time to look beautiful effortlessly.

Okay so the first step to wearing a saree is understanding different styles and drapes, that’s why it is more important to know how to wear a saree - that we will discuss in the next section.

How to Wear Saree | Easy Steps to Wear a Saree

Wearing a saree is not as easy as slipping into a comfortable t-shirt or jeans, yet, let’s face it, practice will make you perfect, plus, a little effort to look beautiful, well, we all can do that.

Step by Step Guide to Wear a Saree

  • When you are wearing a saree, especially, for the first time, it is important to take notice of little things. So, before beginning, arrange everything, which includes of course, a saree, petticoat, footwear (preferably, heels), blouse and accessories.
  • Commence by wearing a petticoat and blouse. Moreover, it is important that the color of your saree matches the color of petticoat or underskirt, especially if your saree is laced or made of sheer or raw cotton. And if we have to give you a tip to make your saree look more beautiful, prefer wearing a shimmery petticoat.
  • Next step to wearing a saree is that, take an end of the saree and tuck it in your petticoat, ensure that it is not loose, else you would have to adjust it (which could be uncomfortable). While tucking in your saree, make sure to maintain the appropriate length to avoid saree being stuck in footwear.
  • Further, once the saree is twisted and tucked in, make pleats with the extra fabric using a thumb and forefinger. Once the pleats are made, tuck those in near your navel.
  • To wear a saree neatly, pin the pleats to avoid budge.
  • Now twist the rest of the length of the saree around the waist again from left to right. As the saree reaches in front of you, adjust the size of the pallu with the safety pin.
  • Moreover, you can either keep the pallu open or make pleats as you desire.
  • Lastly, wear heels, makeup, and accessories that go with your saree, including adjusting your hair.

Look immensely beautiful by draping a 6 yard of happiness around you.


Here, how to wear saree - is a complicated step and can not be learnt after reading this blog, so, we would like to advise you to practice before actually wearing a saree, since any minor mistake could result in uncomfort and adjusting the saree.

In order to avoid such discomfort, try wearing a saree at home, to know how comfortable you are in it, plus don’t forget to style it with accessories and other supporting components such as safety pins to keep it in place.

Blend in a perfect combination of elegance and simplicity with Indian sarees.

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