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How to identify a Pure Cotton Saree


Cotton Saree makes its way to reach every woman's heart. A lightweight fabric, cotton upholds a pacifying element that smoothly blends everyone. 

When we think about its appearance, cotton is a sober-looking fabric that gels up the environment. The absorbency and insulation properties of cotton make it the most popular fabric in India. 

Cotton sarees look great anytime, day or night. They have both professional-looking designs and the traditional look of the fabric. No matter what occasion, style the breezy yet classy cotton sarees and ace it! 

And what could be more convenient than cotton sarees in this scorching summer season? 

These beautiful, traditional garments are a timeless classic that will always be in style, and they are a great way to help you look your best while keeping you comfortable and calm. All-day comfort and style feature this cotton saree! 

Are we all familiar with the king of textiles, Cotton? 

Some people are still clueless about the purity of cotton fabric, which is why it's so important to understand how to identify a pure cotton fabric. There are a few ways to tell if a fabric is a pure cotton, but the most reliable and true-to-life is to test the fabric's acid content. 

You can do this by rubbing the fabric against a piece of paper and checking the color of the paper. If it turns yellow, the fabric is pure cotton. 

Identifying Pure Cotton Saree

Before setting up your wardrobe, you must be aware of the purity of the fabric. Pure cotton fabric gives you immense pleasure as you adorn it. Some necessary parameters should meet the fabric quality.

Longevity - Cotton is excellent at durability. It will not get ruined even after wearing it repeatedly. Everyone's favorite pick on the cotton saree makes it the most demanding fabric. 

Skin-friendly - Cotton sarees are friendly and never affect any skin. These sarees are compatible with every element, dye, and print. 

Dye - Dye colors do not fade on the cotton sarees. The colors look fresh, even after years of purchase and washing. 

Drape - Cotton saree gives a flawless drape, which is why everyone goes for this impeccable fabric. 

Comfort - Cotton is the utmost comfortable fabric. Even with 100% cotton fabrics, there are still quality variations. Cotton is quite popular because of its versatility, nominal cost, and durability. Some of the quality attributes play a vital role in identifying pure cotton. 

Durability - Fabrics made from natural fiber often have higher durability. The finest quality production results in fabric strength. 

Types of Cotton Sarees 

Cotton sarees not only provide comfort, but are classy, elegant, and perfect for any occasion. A versatile choice for your wardrobe, cotton sarees are lightweight and can be worn by women of any age. 

Young women prefer to wear cotton sarees everywhere they go. Being airy and breathable, working women wear cotton sarees regularly. Unlike silk sarees, cotton sarees are easy to carry. Countless varieties of cotton sarees can be your regular fit. 

Printed Cotton Sarees

Printed cotton sarees are curated with lightweight fabric to provide ease. These sarees look graceful and are appropriate for both casual and formal occasions. Printed cotton sarees are broadly available in various prints and colors. These sarees feature marvelous prints, motifs, and authentic traditional elements to emanate elegance. They are convenient to maintain and are suitable to wear regularly. Cotton-printed sarees easily adapt to digital prints, and dyes, and are hand-washed. 

Whether you are heading to work or going to attend an event, printed cotton sarees are versatile. 

Kota Sarees

kota saree

Kota cotton sarees are finely woven in the city of Kota in Rajasthan in India. These sarees are among the most important textile traditions and are worn by various Rajasthani women. The delicate Kota cotton sarees are known for their flawless texture that provides lightness and comfort. They are made on hand looms and power looms and are considered simple yet elegant. Kota sarees feature small and beautiful patterns that are made with great care.

Chanderi cotton 

cotton saree

The people of the Vidyanchal Ranges in Madhya Pradesh produce Chanderi cotton sarees. It is a culture that began in the 13th century when weavers moved to Chanderi during the Mughal period. Chanderi sarees are curated from pure silk, silk cotton, and Chanderi cotton. These sarees proved to be the traditional sarees the royals were wearing.

Chanderi cotton sarees come in manifolds of designs that include prints, embroidery, and sequins. Suitable for both summers and winters, all women favor Chanderi cotton sarees.

Chhetinaad Cotton Sarees

Comfortable and stylish are the elements of the Chettinad cotton sarees. Innovating with different color combinations, patterns, and lines results in sarees that are highly trend-setting and unmatched. Using traditional designs, the weavers create tall borders that are pleasing to the eye.

Kandangi, another category of Chettinad Cotton Sarees, features mesmerizing checks in contrasting colors. An appealing border design offers a visual delight to the viewer.

These cotton sarees are pure and create a stunning appearance.

India has always been rich in culture and traditions. Every Indian state has its own traditional values, be it ethnic clothing, food, native language, or festivals. 

India is known for their authenticity in sarees. Indian women, no matter what, prefer to wear sarees regularly and specifically during special events. 

Sarees come in different materials for various occasions. Apart from the cotton sarees, numerous fabrics are woven to make the finest sarees for women. Let us put some light on various other saree materials. 

Georgette Saree - These lightweight georgette sarees are apt for summer. These sarees are easy to carry and feature various prints and styles. 

Silk Sarees - With a royal and rich appearance, silk sarees are a premium selection for would-be brides. These luxurious silk sarees are the epitome of elegance.


Organza Sarees - Trending organza sarees are magnificent and have made women fall in love with sarees.  Organza sarees are appealing because of their majestic hand-printed work and feather-like structure. Women love to carry these sarees on formal occasions. 


Indian women are obsessed with their fashion sense and can never compromise. They always adore premium sarees that comfort them and are splendid in appearance. But, their love for a pure cotton saree is eternal. Unlike all other fabrics, pure cotton saree is breathable to wear and easy to carry, and the most important factor that attracts women is its easy maintenance. 


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