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Famous Sarees of South India


South India has been rich in ‌education and textiles for centuries. South Indian sarees are entirely from a different league. They come with fascinating patterns on the borders to highlight the appeal of the saree. Each saree features its own remarkable set of designs. The colors might be the same, but there will always be variations in the elements.

You cannot choose merely a specific saree from southern India because of its majestic patterns and premium yarn used. South Indian Sarees are well-known, and we can always highlight a few like the Kanjivaram Sarees for Indian Brides or South Indian Brides. 

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To have a keen knowledge of south-Indian sarees, let us proceed with the blog that will lead you on the journey of Famous South Indian Sarees.


  • Kanjivaram Saree

  • One of the richest and most royal sarees from South India, the Kanjivaram Saree is made with premium silk yarn. These sarees are luxurious in appeal because of the heavy ornamentation of zari work. The vibrant hues of Kanjivaram Sarees attract people, hence a must-add to the bridal trousseau. These age-old authentic Kanjivaram Sarees, are crafted with the finest mulberry silk yarn produced in Tamil Nadu. The precious zari work emphasized the sarees hail from Gujarat.


  • Heavy Silk South Indian Handloom Saree
  • Handloom Saree


    The design inspiration for this saree has been taken from some of the traditional sarees. The element used in the borders with the red color and the golden creative work is the best component of this saree. The white color looks so dynamic and lovely on the front making it another stunning feature of this saree. South Indian sarees are known for their rich and bold ornamentation. 

  • White Allure South Indian Saree
  • South Indian Saree


    This saree is popular in South India due to its simplicity and elegance. Although, this White Allure South Indian Saree embodies embossed prints throughout the saree. The golden border of this exclusive saree is an adornment. Pairing it with a red blouse makes this saree a masterpiece. 

  • South Indian Coimbatore Saree
  • south indian saree

    This saree is among the famous sarees of South India. South Indian Coimbatore Sarees are trendy, having modern designs embellished. An innovative fusion of subtle colors with a touch of golden elevates the elegance of this saree. 

  • White with Golden Border Designer South Indian Saree
  • South Indian Saree


    This simple yet sober South Indian saree captivates the audience due to its mesmerizing elements. The rich pallu accentuates bold artistic work done gracefully by the weavers. The luster of the golden border of this saree makes it a preferred choice to wear on formal occasions.

  • Simple South Indian Saree
  • South Indian Saree


    This saree is made with weave-like patterns to maintain its simplicity. A simple South Indian saree is a perfect fit for women of all ages. Saree with see-through fabric features golden borders all around the saree that uphold the charm, making it relevant for party wear. 

  • Dharmavaram Silk Saree
  • South Indian Saree


    This saree displays an exclusive innovation done meticulously by the artisans. The outstanding intricate designs on the base of this saree, embrace the beautiful appearance of the Dharmavaram Silk Saree. The saree looks alluring due to the premium quality silk yarns used in this saree. 

  • Pochampally
  • South Indian Saree


    Women across India, favor Ikat sarees which are famous from Pochampally, Andhra Pradesh. A group of small villages with principal weavers who use special tie-dye techniques to produce ravishing ikat-patterned sarees. These sarees are bold and bright, having geometrical patterns adorned. Some of the popular shades used in these sarees are white, blue, bright yellow, and orange. The hand of the fabric is smoother and lighter than other ikat fabrics across India.

  • Gadwal
  • South Indian Saree


    The essence of Gadwal sarees derives from the fact that each saree has cotton, silk, and zari woven innovatively. An authentic Gadwal saree has a soft cotton body, silk border, and zari-decorated pallu. Gadwal sarees in natural earthy shades are wardrobe essentials, regardless of whether you prefer traditional attire. Modern renditions of Gadwal sarees are sometimes made with a blend of silk and cotton yarns to give them a soft sheen. 

    Discover the trending cotton saree for the upcoming wedding season! Explore our extensive collection of ethnic sarees, elegantly embellished with stunning zari work and available in a myriad of breathtaking shades. Shop now and be ready to make a stylish statement at the wedding!

  • Guntur
  • South Indian Saree

    Described as soft, sturdy, and draping well; Guntur sarees are made of fine cotton. Originally made from tribal fabric in Andhra Pradesh, this saree is made from the finest Andhra cotton. The sarees have checks and stripes with narrow borders with simple or gold threadwork and adorable ethnic motifs. Because of the convenience and comfort of wearing this saree, various women wear this attire as their dance clothing. 


    Every Indian state has its own specific saree. Multiple of these are of regular wear that is very coarse and is made from thick yarns. Unlike other sarees, South Indian sarees like Kanjivaram and Uppadda are magnificent examples of majestic traditional weaves. These sarees are known for their comfort and ultra-soft material.

    The luxurious appearance of these sarees attracts various brides, making them wear them at weddings. The South Indian cotton sarees are famous due to their durability and crispness because of the tight weaving procedure the weavers use. These sarees are nevertheless expensive but are surely worth purchasing. 

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