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Top 9 Designer Sarees for Reception


Let's face it, the reception party, where the newlyweds celebrate their union with their loved ones, is one of the most anticipated events at any Indian wedding. Whether you are a bridesmaid or a guest attending the reception party, this event is one of the most significant ones in wedding ceremonies because it gives guests a chance to bless the bride and groom who just got married while shining through in gorgeous outfits. 

When wearing a gorgeous bridal saree, you can proudly display your ethnicity during the wedding season. Since its inception in antiquity, the saree has changed. Today's brides select various saree patterns for their wedding festivities. There is no denying that a little creativity can enhance your sense of style. Your bridal look can be made even more charming by wearing a stunning saree with a contrasting blouse. The most practical option for your reception night is the soft, fluffy 6-yard fabric. By donning designer sarees, modern brides are making a major fashion statement. Everyone appears to be an eternal beauty in an ethnic outfit, from stunning Bollywood divas to our lovely brides. Nothing compares to the classic elegance of this attire.

We have gathered some wedding saree ideas for you all, whether you are a bride anticipating your reception or a guest attending the party, which you can wear when selecting the best designer sarees for the occasion. It can be difficult to decide on a variety of outfits for the wedding because you will be meeting a lot of people at the reception and you want to look your best from head to toe. But don't worry, we have hand-picked the best designer saree ideas for a wedding reception that will leave you with too many options so that you can create a memorable reception party!

Trending Designer Saree Ideas

Remember that the receiving party will take place late into the evening or at night, so be sure to choose a saree color and jewelry style that will look stunning on you then. Additionally, keep in mind that the reception party typically occurs after sunset, which means you might have to deal with a lot of flash photography. Therefore, keep your makeup on point for the reception party and avoid having any patches on your skin that might appear unflattering in photos to ensure that you don't get too little or too much exposure. 

More so than the actual wedding ceremony, the reception party is a great place to wear the trendy clothing, which will make you stand out from the crowd. Fortunately, you can wear a lot of gorgeous sarees that will make you look very fashionable. 

Stay tuned with us & check out some trending designer sarees for Reception - 


  • Shimmery Sarees 


If you are going to a reception party, this is one of the first things you should wear. If it is a designer saree, you can stand out from the crowd, especially if you are the bride, by accessorizing with bold statement jewelry and a bun in your hair. Put on a deep-v-neck blouse with it, and complete the ensemble with a set of shimmery pumps or sandals. As a general rule, you should keep your makeup simple, so the best combinations are nude lips and smoky eyes.

  • Kanjivaram Saree with a Classy Blouse

    When it comes to colors that you can wear to any party, green is a true classic, and it won't let you down in this situation either. A green Kanjivaram saree with a dash of gold is perfect for the reception party because it appeals to all ages and instantly gives your outfit a very royal feel. 

    Brides! A blouse in a contrasting color should be worn with your bridal attire to balance it out because it is also important to keep in mind that this type of color may not always look great in your wedding photos.  In actuality, the benefit of this style is that it can be worn with a variety of fabrics and always looks good, no matter what material the saree is made of.

    • Saree and Blouse with Heavy Work 


    Because of their beauty, heavy-worked sarees—those with beadwork, stonework, and threadwork—are becoming more and more popular. This style of saree can do wonders for you whether you're the bride or one of the bridesmaids! If you are concerned that a saree has too much detail for your taste, you can always choose off-white, beige, or ivory sarees or blouses, which will minimize the amount of detail on the sarees themselves. 

  • A Unique Saree Draping Style 

    It's interesting to note that, with your draping technique, you can instantly alter the appearance of a saree without having to purchase a new one. Even as a wedding guest, you can still look stunning by choosing a simple saree and draping it in various ways that highlight the blouse's pattern to make you look like a million dollars! 

    You can transform an otherwise plain outfit into a diva-level saree by adding a trendy hairstyle and a dash of fashion jewelry.

  • A Golden Silk Saree

    In a golden‌ saree, our stunning bride has chosen to embrace her traditional glamor. Your personality gets a glam boost from the silk saree's royal glossy finish. To give your reception look a lovely glimmer, wear a golden silk saree with gold jewelry. Additionally, be sure to work with the top wedding photographer in Kolkata to capture your D-day appearance. 

    • The Bold Red Banarasi Saree 


    How about a saree reception look from the past? This lovely bride has chosen to wear a bold piece of gold jewelry with a pure red Banarasi. She has a stunning vintage appearance to her mid-parted sleek bun. Your bridal personality gains an instant appeal from this retro appearance, which also helps you stand out from the crowd.

  • Mustard Yellow Banarasi Saree

    Another stunning reception appearance was captured by our skilled photographer. For the reception party, a mustard-colored saree with a wide silver border is the perfect outfit. This elegant outfit will look even more elegant with a chic bridal bun. This gorgeous saree looks amazing when worn with a matching blouse. 


    • Banarasi Saree in Dual Shade 


    Make your reception look interesting by adorning the Banarasi saree in dual tone. Keep the monotone saree side and grab this dual-tone Banarasi Saree that will make you stand out in the limelight with your stunning look. 


  • Pretty in Pink Saree

    One of the most beautiful wedding reception saree ideas is a pink Banarasi saree. Nothing beats the elegance of a pink Banarasi saree with embroidery. It enhances your reception look with grace and sophistication. This saree's vibrant color will be complemented by colorful bangles. 


    Make sure to take into account these top 9 designer saree picks if you will soon be attending a wedding reception because they are extremely fashionable and appear timeless for the upcoming wedding season! Try them out and you'll thank us later, whether you choose to wear a traditional Kanjivaram saree or a designer saree with lovely jewelry and a blouse that complements it. Visit Iraah.Store

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