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Best Sarees to Wear in Summers



The weather is always a matter of discussion, whether over a cup of coffee or sitting under the comfortable roof of your home. We all adore the winter season but still have a quirky inclination toward summer. From fighting over blankets to wearing double or triple layers, winters are hard to survive. On the other hand, most of us are looking forward to the summer season as it brings the liberty to wear anything and everything. 

Summers are approaching, making us proactive to take out our summer outfits from our wardrobes. The scorching heat and the hot winds during summer call for lightweight attires that are easy to carry and breathable. Either working, or homemakers, women across India often choose their ideal ethnic attire - Saree.

This impeccable 6-yard fabric dominates people across the world, flaunting its grace and elegance. You can never go vague with a saree rather, it provides a fascinating appearance. This summer, go for the finest sarees that unveil your traditional persona no matter wherever you go. Looking for the Best haldi outfit for this coming wedding season? Shop now with a wide range of ethnic collections adorned with beautiful zari work and in numerous amazing shades.

We at Iraah listed down some ideal saree fabrics for summers that will surely uncomplicate you and will keep you modish. These fabrics are suitable to beat the heat and will provide you with ample air circulation to breathe in comfort.


The following factors ‌will make you embrace the summer season, no matter how bright the sun is -


Soothing Colors

best saree for summers

Go for soothing color sarees as they will keep you cool during summer. Light colors are always relaxing to feel as well as to visualize. Colors play a vital role in our lives because they impact the surroundings and also, reflect the mood. People across the globe prefer to wear soothing color sarees that will keep them cool and peaceful in the summer. 

Sober Prints 

sober printed sarees for summers

Some digital prints, like floral, geometrical, and abstract are the perfect call for sarees. Women love to pick printed sarees over plain ones because of the formal appearance they reflect. Printed sarees can be worn casually and on special events that elevate grace and lavishness. 


Breathable fabrics allow the maximum amount of air to pass through. Fabrics like georgette, cotton, and silk are the preferred choices for summer sarees. Using these fabrics for summer can even relieve you. Sarees made from natural fabric are suitable for summers because of their excellent insulation properties that will keep you cool during extensive summers. Unlike nylon, polyester, and rayon, the saree fabrics mentioned above are relevant. If you are want comfortable saree for summer. yes you have to come right palace becuase our Trendy Cotton Saree its very comfortable 

Time to bid adieu to those thick layers of winter fabrics and welcome the lighter ones. During the summer, women are ecstatic to flaunt their curves and various types of silhouettes. 

This blog has yet more to come. Best of sarees and the elements that will no longer be a summer phobia for you. 


Cotton Sarees 

Best cotton sarees this summers


Cotton saree fabric is one of the most familiar natural fabrics. This fabric is extracted from fibrous hops found in cotton plants. Currently, it is one of the most widespread and universal fabrics used across the globe. The fact that it is breathable is because of the tiny pores in the fabric. It allows them to absorb and release perspiration quickly.

Cotton sarees will keep you cool. The absorbent essence of cotton not only absorbs the dye but other types as well. Cotton combines well with other fabric properties for several processes. Cotton fabric is an excellent saree material during the summer. 

Silk Sarees 

Best silk sarees

Silk is suitable for summer sarees. It's hypoallergenic and has a natural protein structure, making it easy to breathe. In addition to its temperature-regulating properties, silk is also considered a climate fabric. Furthermore, the fabric absorbs sweat, allowing your skin to breathe, and is suitable for all occasions during the summer. The sun-drenched palette of silk sarees and blouses will make you feel good. 

Wear sparkle necklaces and metallic sandals with your saree for a night out on the town. 

Whether a Banarasi silk saree or a Kanjivaram silk saree, women can rock a summer wedding wearing these luxurious silk sarees. 

Flaunt with Florals 

Best floral print sarees

Spring opens up a whole world of options for you to choose from. Floral-printed sarees in lighter fabrics like cotton and georgette can be your best gamble for varied affairs. Women appreciate wearing such sarees because of the multicolor combinations and soothing nature. You can beat the scorching heat this summer by wearing a floral saree.

Classy Drape 

Classy Drape

Tangled between harsh saree drapes? Go easy on your saree drape. Wrap your stylish saree in a way that will make your am-to-pm routine a cakewalk. A feather-like georgette saree with subtle colors will look astonishing during summer.  

Minimalistic Summers 

Best summer sarees

Minimalistic details will highlight your summer wardrobe. Keep it calm with simplistic components like fabrics with a lush feel. Satin sarees in vibrant colors like cyan blue make a wonderful choice for cool evenings and summer dinners. 

Highlight a Bit

Bright and bold prints give zeal to the entire garment uplifting its appearance. Neutral color sarees are perfect for hot and humid days. Ornament with minute detailing, you can be spot on for your summer days. 

Traditional Treat 

Make a wise decision by including an authentic traditional saree in your ethnic wardrobe. Summer calls for weddings, so you should always be on your toes to drape a traditional saree with authentic patterns like paisley.

Party Staple 

Level up your summer parties with exquisite embroideries that look stunning in subtle colors. These finest threadworks done by experienced artisans manifest the appearance of a saree. 

Graceful Weaves 

Amp up your presence by wearing these timeless silk weaves that outshine the event. These luxurious Banarasi sarees will make you stand out in the spotlight. 

Pleasing Vibes 

Inhale Whites, Exhale liveliness. Picking colors thoughtfully should be your priority in summer. Sarees with ethereal hues are perfect for summer. Georgette or cotton sarees in lighter tones make justice to the summer season. As the environment is heated up, subtle colors always do well. 

You can't overlook sarees that are well-versed with the season. We have uncovered the secret that summers are the most suitable time to glam up in airy sarees. With the sizzling season upon us, it is necessary to determine sarees that are weightless but also look formal enough to be worn for various events.


Moreover, with multiple retro-style trends back in the game, it's even quite chic to wear evergreen handlooms, regal georgette sarees, nostalgic florals, and more. For saree lovers like you, these stunning summer saree styles are meant just for you. So, if you are on the quest for those gorgeous, mystical sarees, then we have handpicked saree styles that need to be chosen for your summer closet. We have also selected our favorite summer sarees which will help you achieve the perfect look and stay in vogue this summer. we are provide best collection our store and check our site

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