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7 Bold & Party Wear Designer Sarees For Women


Ladies, go bold this summer! Summer is already here, and your event is already lining up on the list. Cotton traditional sarees are elegant, but they are not perfect for all occasions. Cocktail night with your friends or date—cotton sarees are not the best choice. You need to glam up your boring saree wardrobe and upgrade with something better.

For a cocktail night, a party event, or a special occasion, I am aware you need a specific saree for all such occasions. Throw away your old, boring sarees. Add a party-wear silk saree

to the cart to get your saree now. Before that, let’s look at special ways to elevate your saree look.

Tips to elevate your saree look for a Party Event

  • Level up your blouse game
  • Every boring saree can look new and trendy with a stylish blouse. A blouse plays the ultimate role in glamming up your overall look. You are shocked that little mirror work, trendy cuts, patchwork, and rich details on a blouse can level up your saree. Don’t look just fine; look amazing on your special day.

  • Statement Necklace
  • I cannot emphasize enough how your saree game is elevated by the necklace. It brings the essence of elegance and charm to your simple saree look. Wear a statement piece or accessory and uplift your boring look. Statement pieces carry the magic that an elegant pearl necklace can never.

  • Have you ever tried a belt with a saree? 
  • Do you believe that a belt can bring fusion to an Indian traditional saree? If yes, then what are you waiting for? Belt up your plain silk saree and bring that sass to your party. Your standard of fashion will only rise from here. Don’t just wear a saree; add elements to make it look “cool.”

  • Experiment with draping the saree
  • Ladies, I believe that every saree has a way to be worn in an alternative manner for plenty of parties. If you do not want to miss out on the chance to look bold, then you must try this experiment with your saree. Drape your saree differently; try in lehenga style or add an element of belt to make it bold or classy. You will be amazed that you can style your saree in multiple ways and it will look new every time.

  • Pant-cut Drape
  • Did you hear about this prestigious way to style your boring saree? A pant-style saree is not only elegant but easy to wear and comfy as well. Designers have been coming up with this trendy look and the classic roots make it stylish. You should wear pants under the saree and wrap them around one leg, and the pant leg will show. That is how you achieve a new look.

    Designer saree that gives ultimate bold vibes for party events

    1 Sunset Orange Kanjivaram Silk Saree


    Sunset Orange Kanjivaram Silk Saree

    I cannot even resist the charm of the trendy “Gulabo” saree. It is pretty stylish. This traditional kanjivaram saree has authentic roots. It has a smooth texture and lightweight fabric that ensures comfort. The ideal gulabi saree is a must-have for a party event. You can glam up your look with a statement rusty necklace and add glasses to make your look extra trendy. Buy your party wear sarees online now.


    2 Black Flower with Handwork Premium Satin Saree


    Black Flower with Hand work Premium Satin Saree

    You can feel that the texture of the satin is premium. It is hard to find quality in a saree but Pure black floral satin saree is different. It features floral prints that are highlighted in the black saree and detailed stonework that has been done by hand. Luxury and elegance in one saree—what a deal, ladies! 

    3 Dark Green Printed Japan Crepe Sarees


    Dark Green Printed Japan Crepe Saree

    I have seen a farewell party saree like this but have not discovered a “good quality” Japanese crepe saree. The Dark green-printed Japanese crepe saree is different, It is soft and subtle. The beautiful prints throughout the saree look charming and bold for a party event. For this special cocktail party, do not wear boring clothes; get this bold saree now.

    4 Green Georgette Silk Sarees


    Green Georgette Silk Saree


    Usually, finding a classic green saree is hard, and a high-quality georgette silk saree in green is tougher to find. Until I discovered this beauty, the Green Georgette Silk Saree. The smooth texture of the fabric and its unique green color are worth adding to your wardrobe. Add them to your new collection.

    5 Blue Bunting Floral Printed Pure Georgette Saree


    Blue Bunting Floral Printed Pure Georgette Saree


    Are you fond of floral prints? If yes, then I discovered something for you. A floral saree is good for casual hangouts and party events. Floral signifies simplicity and femininity. You cannot go wrong with this saree. The high-quality georgette saree has a unique, blunt blue color, and the floral print gives it a sophisticated look. Try this saree for your party event.

    6 Orange Georgette Zari Embroidered Designer saree


    Orange Yellow Georgette Zari Embroidered Designer Saree

    Rise and shine, ladies! This saree has a different energy to it. A bright orange saree is a must-have for your wardrobe. The fabric is embroidered with detailed georgette fabric, and the exquisite detail makes you look stylish and confident. Made for both traditional and casual parties, it all depends on the choice of accessories. Be bold; get this saree now!

    Conclusion: This is the perfect curated list for party-wear sarees. Your issues are solved. The list of sarees is made for a cocktail event, party, or even a casual house party. Well, if you like the suggestion for a bold and confident saree collection, then do look at other blogs for more such suggestions. Visit Iraah.Store

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