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5 Different Styles of Draping a Saree this Festive Season


In terms of Indian culture and tradition, there are several things we appreciate. There is nothing more fascinating or deeply treasured than the endless varieties of food enjoyed by every community; the festivals celebrated in every language. The age-old traditions and practices are still just as important as they were years ago! In the most literal sense of the word, even our weddings are celebrations. Our nation's diverse and vibrant nature draws people from around the world, and they never return disappointed. Isn’t it worth counting? 

 It is also important to cherish and preserve our family heirloom pieces, passed down from generation to generation, in the same way, we cherish and preserve our ancestral practices. We consider them to be our greatest 'wealth' and shouldn't underestimate them. Whether it is jewelry or clothing, household items, or precious kitchenware, everything has its place in our homes.  

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Every Indian woman has a story to share, a story of her timeless attire - the Saree. A saree is considered to be the most essential attire in India. Whether there are festivals, weddings, or even house-warming parties, every woman adores a saree as her #ootd (outfit of the day). A woman always has an exciting story to share from her wardrobe. How can simple attire ‌be the king of the clothing world? The culture of wearing a saree will never fade; rather, it is scattered across the world. 

A saree is the synonym for ‘superpower’. It ages just like wine and is favored by almost everyone. Everything is sorted when you are dressed in a saree because it is undoubtedly the most elegant outfit. The way it relates to the ethnicity of Indians is just commendable. 

Sarees have gone through various storms, but have come out to be tough and bold. Although they have seen variations in the styles and designs, but are still preferred to be the most versatile outfits. Even non-Indians are well-versed in Indian culture and eagerly wish to get clicked in sarees. They have a different charm when they see Indian women wearing graceful sarees. There are uncountable draping styles, but you cannot stick to just a few for the festive season. 

Stay ‌with us to get to know some extraordinary draping styles for this festive season. The saree fabric has a lot to do with drapes, so choose your saree wisely that can be draped phenomenally.  

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  • Casual Drape 

    The festive season usually gives us the liberty to carry our style the way we wish to. It is the time when we gather together to make simple things the most stylish by dressing up my way. Sarees always depict our Indian culture in the best possible way because of their authenticity. Choosing your favorite saree is not tough, but draping it appropriately might be one. Let us help you by showing some easy steps about how to drape a saree casually for the festive season. 

    Step 1 

    Unfold your saree, and tuck in your petticoat towards the right. Wrap your saree approximately three rounds.

    Step 2 

    Leave one meter of saree fabric to put on the pallu, and start making the pleats from the rest of the remaining saree. 

    Step 3 

    Tuck in nicely and put your pallu on your left shoulder with proper silhouettes. In the end, you need to pin up your saree to make your look flawless. 

    Step 4 

    Wear subtle make-up to keep yourself sober looking and wear a nice piece of jewelry along with your saree. A casual look always provides comfort. Enjoy your festival and capture beautiful moments with your loved ones. 

  • Pleated Pallu 

  • If you are a person who chooses comfort over fashion, then this one is surely for you. Events are the time when we often get exhausted because of struggling with dresses, scheduling our occupied routines, and planning other major things too. Striking upon how to drape a saree for the festive season, we are here to solve your problem in just quick steps. 

    Step 1 

    Just like a casual draped saree, the pleated pallu is similar. Drape your saree the same way leaving 1-2 meters of your pallu in hand. 

    Step 2 

    Start making neat pleats of 10 inches, one on the other. Once you are done with that, pick and keep on your left shoulder. 

    Step 3 

    Pin up your saree in an apt way to get the comfort you wish you had in western outfits. 


  • Free-Flowy Drape

    Are you planning to wear your favorite saree with having stylish pallu? This drape style is surely for you. Emanate your royal sarees by draping them in freestyle. Let your regal pallu be the spotlight of the event. 

    Regularly drape your saree and put your pallu on your left shoulder. Just pin it slightly and leave the rest of your pallu. Let your pallu flow and display the luxurious motifs effortlessly crafted on it. 

  • Palazzo Saree Drape

    Having a fashionable personality gives you immense confidence as well as the limelight. Every woman wishes to wear something exclusive no matter if you are wearing an age-old outfit. Give it a modern twist by styling it in a contemporary manner. It would be impossible for you to resist the charm of a new and stylish palazzo saree if you are a fashion-forward woman. Sarees can be given a flamboyant look by adding innovation to them. By draping it uniquely, your existing saree can appear like a palazzo or a sharara. The six-yard wonder is already mesmerizing and magical, isn't it? 

  • Contemporary Saree Drape 

    In recent years, several innovative draping styles have emerged for sarees. Fashionistas have always been interested in reinventing the saree. The Indo-western saree can be a nice choice for saree styling for the festival. Scroll down to learn some easy steps to wear your saree in a modern way.

    Step 1 

    First of all, replace your monotonous blouse with a smart and stylish top. You can also go for peplums. This will entirely swipe up your look, making you look modern in ethnic attire. 

    Step 2 

    Select a nice and comfortable fabric to drape your saree in a modern way. It will help you move freely and you can also enjoy the festival without hustling with your saree. Choose vibrant colors as they will create a dazzling appearance. 

    Step 3 

    Wrap your saree normally and take your pallu towards the side or even get your pallu towards your neck. Accessorize it by adding some shimmery belts to add charm to your dull saree. 

    Explore different ways of draping a saree to look gorgeous. There is nothing inappropriate in experimenting with new styles of saree draping. 

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