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Why Pure Cotton Saree?


In the contemporary world where there are people wearing designer attires to flaunt their western look, there is a vast tribe who is inclined towards traditional ethnic clothing and loves to wear a saree. 

A saree not only represents grace but also implicit cultural values. The pride in Indian culture attracts the people coming from abroad and excites them about wearing saree in various styles and drapes. No matter where the culture goes, the authentic traditional saree is never leaving its mark. 

Nevertheless, the Indian population is adopting the western look but eventually turning themselves to the authenticity of traditions on wedding occasions because Indian culture remains incomplete without a saree. 

Discover the trending cotton saree for the upcoming wedding season! Explore our extensive collection of ethnic sarees, elegantly embellished with stunning zari work and available in a myriad of breathtaking shades. Shop now and be ready to make a stylish statement at the wedding!

When it comes to wearing top-notch ethnic attire, we all prefer to wear a classy fabric that looks elegant because of its sheer quality and lustrous appearance. Somehow, we are leaving our comfort behind and emphasizing the style statement. But, what if you get style along with comfort under one roof? Yes, we at Iraah give you the most comfortable fabric i.e. 

We understand the storm and countless questions running through your mind about wearing a cotton saree at special events or in your regular routine. We have created a detailed article for you describing why you must choose cotton sarees. What are the benefits and how can be relevant for you, have been encapsulated in the article. 

Stay tuned!

Why Pure Cotton sarees? 


 The natural fiber Cotton, taken from plants and produced in India for years is well-crafted into beautiful and lavishing traditional wear. A remarkable fabric and its durability are promising and offer an abundance of comfort that makes you wear cotton fabric for your 9-hour shift or for a grand event. 

Unfolding the traditional parameters, cotton fabric is not only for your daily wear but also woven for your special events like housewarming parties, engagement ceremonies, baby showers, and even for weddings. The diversity in colors, elements, designs, and patterns are shown in the cotton sarees considering the contemporary appeal as well. The plant-based fiber, cotton beholds versatility as it provides numerous benefits to the user without hindering any factor. 

A cotton saree has enormous factors that portray feminine glam as well as elegance to carry forward. The urge of wearing a cotton saree is highly popular due to its excellent durability and color fastness properties. 

  • The utmost comfortable women wear 
  • Cotton provides comfort and ease throughout the year. A versatile fabric, cotton has an excellent insulation property that will keep you safe in the winter season no matter how excessive it is. Although cotton fabric tends to wear in the summer season due to its elegant appearance it is preferred to wear in the entire season. A cotton saree exposes grace with its sheen quality and modern art hand painted or woven on it. 

  • Cotton Sarees can be carried everywhere with a grace 

  • Cotton sarees make the Indian culture remain intact because of their high demand for festivals and occasions. No more in a nutshell, whether there is a casual gathering or a formal event, a cotton saree can make you carry elegantly, especially because of the variations of designs, elements, colors, and prints. A versatile attire, the simplicity, and subtleness of a cotton saree attract women of all ages.  

  • Cotton Sarees offer Simplicity along with Elegance

  •  Living in the most occupied surroundings where both men and women are working, women have changed their perception of looking beautiful by wearing only heavy outfits. Feather-like cotton fabric creates a fabulous look giving you a variety of options to choose from. Be it vibrant colors or a bit stylish, cotton sarees have it all. 

  • Abundance of Cotton Sarees Variations 

  • The grandeur of a gamut of cotton sarees is never going to reduce because they offer huge varieties of hues, embroidery weaves, and much more. The aesthetic craftsmanship is best appreciable for the cotton sarees as they turn a simple outfit into a trendy yet classy attire. 

    Apart from the excessive comfort that the cotton saree provides, it is easy to handle and maintain. In Manufacturing in India, the popularity of cotton saree elevates as there has been a rise in the working women who prefers to wear a traditional outfit that is flexible and appeals to be charming. Traveling far and for long hours, a cotton saree is your go-to outfit as it has an amazing absorbent quality that will protect your saree from getting sweaty. 

    Being an impeccable fabric, cotton saree can be experimented with all the prints and dyes to get embellished. Batik, tie-dye, screen printings, block printings, and more can be done gracefully on a cotton saree to emanate its timeless sophistication. There are various handcrafted arts to be ornamented on a cotton saree that can carry forward the legacy of authentic traditional wear. 

    Cotton Sarees to be Favored

    In a diverse country like India, there are countless varieties of cotton sarees that can be majorly worn on casual as well as on special occasions. Sarees with variations of embroidery, prints, and colors are chosen widely by different regions of the country. 

    To enhance Indian culture, almost every state comes with a signature saree that connects the people with their religion. Even celebrities for that matter shift their preferences towards the finest cotton sarees which are exquisite and elite.

    We at Iraah Store, offer you a variety of Cotton Sarees that can be worn on special occasions as well as on your regular days. Altering the mindsets, the lightweight cotton sarees can certainly be adorned at parties or special events because of their handwoven embellishment and the beautiful embroidery work ornamented on the cotton saree. 

    Providing you with an assortment of feathery cotton sarees in a variety of colors that will be hassle-free to carry and turn heads toward you because of the elegant and attractive work ornamented on the cotton sarees. 


    Cotton Sarees with handweaving work 

    cotton sarees

    The subtle as well as vibrant colors of cotton sarees adorned with mesmerizing handwoven work will simply make you a huge fan. The texture and the appeal of the cotton saree are definitely an attraction and you won’t be able to get your hands off it. The beautiful traditional motifs and elements along the border make it a preferred choice for you to wear on occasions and special events. 


    Cotton Sarees with full embroidery work

    cotton sarees

    Designed with full fancy embroidery, this lightweight cotton saree features an elegant look that will surely incline you towards it. The shimmery border along with the tassels that are embraced on the cotton sarees make it a huge demand for traditional wear. 


    Cotton Sarees with Sequence Work 

    cotton saree

    It is hard to digest a pill but yes cotton sarees can be a desired outfit for weddings or any occasion you want to wear. Woven with heavy sequence work, the craftsmanship of the cotton sarees takes days but produces excellent results. The appearance of the cotton sarees with fancy sequence work gives a traditional yet contemporary look and will be a trending ethnic attire. 

    Are you looking to shop the latest designer traditional sarees? Visit our website at to get a glimpse of the stunning sarees that will make you fall in love with the collection.

    Our premium range of Cotton Sarees will undoubtedly attract you making you a die-hard cotton lover. Choose from our exclusive collection of sarees and add to your wardrobe that will not only make you look elegant but also will make you fall in love with the Iraah Store

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