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How to Maintain Your Banarasi Saree - Tips & Tricks


Keeping any type of cloth in good condition is one of the most challenging facets of Indian fashion. There is an awe-inspiring treasure trove of textiles and delicate embroidery styles to be discovered in the Indian subcontinent. Besides being incredibly beautiful, some are very finely woven and intricately designed, requiring special maintenance. It is imperative to maintain sarees to keep them looking their best. The weave, especially when it is Banarasi, requires special care. 

Sarees are deeply cherished by women of all ages, and even the youth are expressing admiration for this modest garment. Among the status icons of the fashion world, handloom Banarasi silk weaves are returning in twigs. Despite the increasing love of damsels for Banarasi, they become confused when it comes to taking care of it. Wrapping around the ethnic affair is not a cakewalk because maintaining your luxurious garments is the most essential part. Of course, it should be! Looking for the Best Banarasi Saree for this coming wedding season? Shop now with a wide range of ethnic collections adorned with beautiful zari work and in numerous amazing shades.

No matter how much you spend on your ethnic attire, keeping it safe is a priority task. One must scrutinize the timeless creation and how it should be preserved for a longer duration. So if you eagerly wish to drape this majestic garment - Banarasi Saree, and are in a dilemma to maintain it, we are here to give some important tips and tricks on maintaining Banarasi Silk Saree. 

Tips and Tricks to Maintain your Banarasi Silk Saree 


  • Dry Clean after Draping Banarasi Saree 

Banarasi silk sarees are crafted with the highest quality mulberry silk. Make sure to get it dry-cleaned after wearing the Banarasi silk saree to maintain its sheen and vibrant appearance. Dry cleaning your garment increases the age of any outfit, especially when we talk about these aristocratic Banarasi Sarees. To preserve it for a long, it is recommended to get your sarees dry-cleaned instead of washing them at home. Never wash these premium sarees at home because it will ruin their grace. 

  • Store your Handloom Silk Sarees Carefully 

Never hang your Banarasi Sarees on metal hangers because it can spoil the charm of your saree. Metal hangers can cause corrosion; hence, the saree can lose its elegance if hung on the metal hanger. Keep them intact by wrapping these sarees in muslin or fine cotton cloth and storing them somewhere separate from other garments. Make sure these sarees are stored away from sunlight and in a dry atmosphere. Try adding naphthalene balls along with Banarasi sarees to keep them safe from insects and pesticides. This will help you store your exclusive Banarasi Sarees for a longer duration. 

  • Prevent your Banarasi Saree from Perfume Stains

Never apply perfume on any saree for that matter, especially when it comes to storing Banarasi Sarees. Perfumes or any spray substance can cause stains to your saree which are hard to remove by just dry cleaning it. If the saree is requiring more ways of cleaning, it may cause the fabric to lose its stability and strength.  

  • Keep the gold/silver zari work inside to prevent the damage

While folding Banarasi silk sarees, always remember to keep the regal weaving inside to prevent it from damage. When these sarees are kept nicely, they look fresh, even if you repeatedly wear them. Discover the latest trends in sarees for the upcoming wedding season! Explore our extensive collection of ethnic sarees, elegantly embellished with stunning zari work and available in a myriad of breathtaking shades. Shop now and be ready to make a stylish statement at the wedding!

  • Be careful before Ironing Banarasi Saree

Do not forget to keep a cotton cloth or a newspaper on the Banarasi silk saree while ironing it. Direct contact with the heat can spoil the silk fabric, making it shrink sooner than usual. 

  • Keep refolding your Sarees for a Better Maintenance 

Unfold your sarees after every 4-5 months of storage. If you are not wearing Banarasi silk sarees in recent times and they are stored for a longer time, always take them out. Unfold them and refold, and again store them the same way as before. This will help in preventing the saree from cuts and wrinkles. 

  • Add a newspaper to the saree to maintain its shine

Pure Banarasi silk sarees are a lifetime treasure. Storing it just the same way you keep your gold safe is important. Add a newspaper in every fold and witness the incomparable crispiness of your saree. It will also avoid the saree from getting wrinkled. We provide top-notch quality latest organza saree design  that fulfills the need for every occasion and season. You can have a convenient online shopping experience with IRAAH - a one stop destination for women’s traditional wear.

Store these royal pure Banarasi Silk Sarees in a way that they can be passed on to the next generation effortlessly. Let the younger generation experience the traditional heirloom gracefully.  

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