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9 Days & 9 Ways To Style Your Navratri Saree



 Navaratri is an auspicious festive season for Durga goodness, and it proceeds for 9 days. In India, Navratri is celebrated with all joy and celebration, and no doubt a saree is a must. Women across India wear vibrant sarees and worship the Durga god.

It is a time when streets come alive, dandiya nights and colorful rangoli are at every Indian household. The rituals and ways to celebrate Navratri are plentiful, but choosing the perfect Navratri saree can be challenging. I have curated the perfect saree collection for your festive season.

There are multiple types of sarees, including the latest cotton saree, the Latest Georgette Saree Collection, and many others in India, that exist in the world of fashion, but what if those few unique sarees you can style in multiple ways? Dig into some amazing collections of Navtri sarees now!

9 ways to style your Navratri saree


1. You must style your polka dot saree with some peppy-colored accessories to enhance the entire look. 

2. If you are planning to wear an organza saree, you have made the right choice. Try junk jewelry or a choker statement piece that will go perfectly well with your blouse. That is how you create a balanced look for festive occasions.

3. Huge gold tone earrings, you can never be wrong to add them to a block pattern saree. Gold earrings have saved me so many times and just elevated my boring saree looks.

4. When you try a color-blocked pattern saree, experiment with quirky jewelry that will make you stand out from the crowd. You can leave your hair simple and your makeup simple because you already look charming.

5. “Simple and plain sarees do the most talking.” A basic Banarasi saree does the same. It can look glamorous with jhumkas, a kundan necklace, and statement rings. You will elevate your style with a few effortless changes.

6. Experiment with a traditional blouse, get a strappy, crop top or sleeveless blouse with unique necklines. It will enhance your figure and body features like a star. 

7. Get a modern and sleek look with a belt. A saree with a belt is becoming a trendy style. It adds magic elements to your simple saree.

8. Balance your saree look; this is important information, ladies. When you have a loud or vibrant saree with a floral look, pair it with a plain blouse. The minimal jewellery you add the better it is. 

9. Many women on special festive occasions want to bombard themselves with bold makeup, which turns worse. Go for light makeup and subtle nude tones, which will complement your face and features. 


These are must-have saree collections for Navratri 


1. Rice White Muga Cotton Saree


Rice White Muga Cotton Saree


Nivi-style sarees are extremely popular in states such as Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu and the southern states. You can wrap yourself in this cotton saree; you will fall in love with the intricate details. It is simple and unique because of the patterns, and the saree enhances the figure wonderfully. Remember to add a statement piece to your neck.

You can read more about the Latest Cotton Sarees Collection.


2. French Pink Cotton Silk Saree


French Pink Cotton Silk Saree

Usually, cotton sarees are outdated in their style and look. But this saree weave is so well crafted with amazing detail. The details are minor and the French pink color stands out. It is a combo of cotton and silk, which means comfort with style. Add your statement necklace and rings; do not underestimate the power of a simple cotton saree.

3. Green soft Cotton Saree Digital Print with Jacquard Border


Green Soft Cotton Saree Digital Print with Jacquard Border

Are you also bored scrolling through the cotton saree collection? Well, I understand that. So ladies, grab this green soft cotton saree because this is all you need to make it perfect. The digital print and jacquard border enhances the look. This Navratri chose this saree.


4. Red Polka Dot Georgette saree


Red Polka dot Georgette Saree


Navratri is around the corner, and red is the perfect choice for sarees. The red color reveals the passion, traditions, and authenticity of Indian culture. The Georgette fabric completely complements the saree. Choose a fun and fashionable saree; this one has both elements. Get your sarees now!


5. Wine Berry Floral printed pure Georgette saree


Wine Berry Floral Printed Pure Georgette Saree

During Navratri, who does not want to look bold? The floral prints on pure georgette fabric bring bold vibes and a stylish look. The rich, intricate details create a dramatic and trendy appearance. Do not hesitate to style this saree with an artificial necklace and make a statement.


6. Pink Magenta Paithani Soft Silk Premium Saree


Pink Magenta Paithani Soft Silk Premium Saree


The statement belt accessory can elevate any saree. This unique saree does the same. This pink magenta Paithani soft silk saree is made with premium quality, and the finest silk complements the saree. The intricate details and Paithani weave accentuate the overall look. Style this saree in multiple- ways and use it for multiple events. 


7. Green Banarasi Silk Saree with Golden Zari Work


Green Banarasi Silk Saree With Golden Zari Work


A good quality saree is known for its embroidery work, and you will embrace this saree just for that reason. The Green Banarasi Silk saree has a rich green hue and bold golden zari work that enhances the value of the saree. This masterpiece will add a touch of charm that will be irresistible. Experiment with a unique style of blouse and you are good to go.


8. Blue Banarasi Silk Sarees


Blue Banarasi Silk Saree


A unique saree is what you need this Navratri. Then, I discovered the Blue Banarasi silk saree which is unique with a serene blue hue and golden zari work. On your special occasion, you surely want to make a statement, and this saree will do the work effortlessly. This Indian traditional saree, the silk and deep details make it more stylish.

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9. Cyan Blue Banarasi Silk Saree


Cyan Blue Banarasi Silk Saree


Is our festive wardrobe even complete without a Banarasi silk saree? No, we guess so and the Cyan Blue Banarasi silk saree in this cyan blue shade and golden Zari look saree is giving us all the reason to adorn one. Pair this saree with a traditional necklace and bangles. Elevate your style with this Indian traditional saree.


Conclusion: So ladies, style your saree now in multiple ways and get your favorite saree for the Navratri festive season. The curated list of sarees is made just for you and it includes the latest cotton sarees in India, georgette sarees, Banarasi silk sarees, and more. So without wasting your time, grab your sarees. If you check our Iraah.Store website now, you will land into some amazing sales or discounts! 

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